DC10 Closed YET AGAIN!

Ive been a bit slow on the uptake of this one but, On Monday morning DC10 was closed again by the police. They have been given a €300,000 fine and ordered to close for 1 year.  Mixmag reported that they will still have their closing party, however im not to sure if this would happen at DC10 as the club is now closed after it was open for its appeal, i don’t think their are any more cards left for DC10 to play which means it could be open one last time this summer.

The closure came 10 minutes before the club opened last Monday and one week before their closing party and is a result of DC10 allowing more than 65 people into the venue. As i have wrote on here a few times the legal capacity of the place is only 65 (though that figure changes from site to site) and by having parties every Monday they exceed that capacity.

Ive not really read what other people have said about it all this time but i cant imagine DC10 having many more parties. The authorities are enforcing the law every oppertunity which is what they are there for. The owners will know they will never continue the way they did.

A lot of people love DC10 and its the only reason they go, for many DC10 is Ibiza, it will be a great shame when DC10 closes but it is by no means the end for Ibiza. Circo Loco said they would never have a party in Ibiza that wasn’t at DC10 but on Tuesday night they held a party in Privilege. They obviously want to be partying somewhere and it wouldn’t surprise me if they hold their closing party in another club.

I would predict that next year unfortunately DC10 will be no more but Circo Loco will still be alive in Ibiza.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight Mixmag

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