DC10 – Circo Loco – Ibiza 2009

There are some things that never go away, Things like Oxygen, The Sun and the Moon, People who love to predict the end and the downfall of Ibiza!! Also on that list is the rumour and Gossip surrounding DC10 / Circo Loco in Ibiza!! 

For those of you that don’t know; towards the end of last year DC10 got shut down by the authorities in Ibiza and were ordered to close for 12 months, If you want to catch up you can read my posts DC10 Shut Down For 57 DaysAnother blow For DC10 and DC10 Closed YET AGAIN.

In now seems that the rumour mill is in full swing! A thread over at Ibiza Spotlight that has been going since the end of last summer has turned its attention to when and ware the club will open in 2009. Many people are reporting that the DC10 will be open June 1st. One blog run by someone on the island has stated that the club will be open with a strict capacity of 500 people. There are plenty of people claiming to have spoken to the owner of DC10 the dj’s of Circo loco, people are claiming to have friends of friends that make the decisions and it all point to the club opening as normal, You have to remember though at this time its all rumour and chinese whispers. 

One suggestion that has been made by McRakin from spotlight is that Circo Loco are attempting to Rent Summun in San Ann bay to have their parties in 2009. 

My views on it are that it is unlikely that DC10 will open as normal this year. I do however think that Circo Loco will be throwing parties in Ibiza. I would believe McRakin’s news about them trying to get Summum for their parties as i dont believe he would say it if it wasn’t true. In the past DC10/Circo Loco have always had news on their myspace about what has been happening but now it is all quiet.

Ciroc Loco once said that they will not be in Ibiza if DC10 is not open but they have already had a closing party at Privilege. 

All we can do now is wait! If DC10 opens on the 1st of June then expect chaos! There will be a lot of people dancing in the car park outside if they only let 500 people in. 

Source: Ibiza Spotlight Ibiza-Blog

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