Cream Ibiza 2010 – Mixed By Eddie Halliwell

I have recently heard the new Cream Ibiza album mixed by Eddie Halliwell. I find it hard to review a CD like this, mainly because i have so many pre conceptions about it all.

Firstly, Cream –  As a club it makes me think of Paul Oakenfold, Bugged Out, Tiesto, PVD, Ferry Corsten etc, it makes me think of Creamfields, It doesn’t make me think of the new guard that play at nation such as, Eddie Halliwell, Eric Prydz, Adam Sheridan.

Secondly, Cream Albums – Again, Cream albums make me think about Oakenfolds Residency, The old Ibiza Arrivals CD, Im not over keen on all the classics albums that get churned out, mainly because i don’t need an album of classics because i remember them the first time round!

Thirdly, Eddie Halliwell – I think your going to get the picture here, I used to whore myself to go and see Eddie Halliwell, GoodGreef starting a night in Tall Trees many moons ago created a monthly Mecca and Eddie Halliwell was at the helm! Fast forward and he’s ace in smaller doses!

If your still reading and not slagged me off and clicked away for living in the past, you can probably tell i live in the past, at least when it comes to Cream anyway. I visit Cream Ibiza and i am a self-proclaimed veteran of Creamfields, anything else and it generally doesn’t bother me any more.

The other night however, i had just received a copy of Cream Ibiza 2010 mixed by Eddie Halliwell and i thought i would give it a whirl. CD one starts of extremely trancy, and has a really long intro which works really well.

The second CD came on a different time after we had a BBQ, had a few mates round and i thought i would slip it on to gauge reaction, the reaction was good, nobody questioned what was on, and trust me the people i was with would question something they didn’t like the sound off!

Both CD’s create a mix between the freshest names and the old school with new releases, its got the tracks that are being played now and not what was played last year. Cream have pulled one out of the bag here but maybe i shouldn’t be surprised, after all it is representing Cream Ibiza and this is a night that has never died away for me. With this CD, they have pulled in the fans of Cream, Eddie and hopefully everyone else that listens to it regardless of pre conceptions.

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  1. I love the Cream ibiza CD… can't get enough of it. There are some amazing mixes on there. The Ed-its are out of this world! Fire It Up

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