Cream 2011 Tickets

Not long ago, i blogged about Cream @ Amnesia in 2011. There are still no line-ups to announce yet, however tickets have gone on sale for all the cream nights this summer.

Standard entry tickets are priced at £34 (£38 inc booking fee) for the start and end of the season and they rise to £38 (£42 in booking fee) in the higher season which seems to be from 7th July to 25th August.

VIP tickets are available for £50 (£55) and £55 (£60).

How much the tickets will be on the island is anybody’s guess at the moment, If i remember rightly, cream used to offer a discount for tickets bought in the UK, however at these prices i don’t believe this is still the case. I would presume the tickets will be €40 on the island which means with today’s exchange rate it would be cheaper. Don’t hold me to this though as its only my view, i didn’t visit cream last year so i don’t know what the ticket prices were.

Source: Cream

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