Confirmed Eden Lineup 2009

Eden have confirmed which nights will be held in Eden in 2009 and it looks like one of the strongest weekly lineups they have had for a long time. The main notable addition is Hed Kandi which has moved across the island and now resides on Saturdays in Eden. Pete Tong is still there on Fridays after a very successful 2008 season. Mondays has a new night not many people have mentioned with Inside Out.

Im sure Judgement Sundays will be rammed every Sunday this year with what looks like a good lineup of resident D’js. Tuesdays will be held by Ibiza Rocks and their after party ‘Reclaim The Dancefloor’, the lineup has apparently been released for this however i am holding on until i can confirm the information before i post it on here, this is meant to have 2 many Dj’s as resident though so this again could be a big crowd puller.

Overall i think this could be Edens best year yet, i think Hed Kandi have followed Pete Tong to Eden because it will make them a lot more money; Big names in the UK will always attract a lot of the English in Ibiza, I don’t want this to take away from how good the nights will be though, The only night i wouldn’t go to in this lineup would be Twice as Nice but that is purely personal preference. Come the end of the year and Eden could be one of the most spoken about clubs through the summer.

I am told the Dj Lineup for the summer will be released as soon as it is ready so i will be able to ;et you know that once i know it.


Mondays – Inside Out.
Tuesdays – Ibiza Rocks and Reclaim the Dancefloor.
Wednesdays – Garlands
Thursdays – Twice as Nice
Fridays – Wonderland
Saturdays – Hed Kandi
Sundays – Judgement Sundays

Source: Email From Eden

5 thoughts on “Confirmed Eden Lineup 2009”

  1. It is a good line up… but I personally think it’s a matter of taste…
    I would say the same about Pachas line up this year… although if on holiday for a week I wouldn’t go to every event every night, however, I would be hard to choose… then again, that’s just my opinion.
    With Eden, I can’t think of anything worse than going to Hed Kandi (in my eyes died a death when Mark Doyle left…) or Twice as Nice.
    I have never been to Eden… however Wonderland and Reclaim the dance floor sound interesting… clubbing on that side of the Isle has never appealed to me enough

  2. Hi Sophie

    Your completely right, it is all about a matter of taste and thats how the clubs are so popular, its an island full of people who love dance music but if you did deeper its an island full of people with very different tastes. Ive never been to a Hed Kandi in the UK or Ibiza and i never plan to!

    Compared to years past however do do think this is one of the best seasons Eden have had in terms of the nights they have got there and i don’t expect there to be many quiet nights in there like years gone by

  3. I think it looks decent for Eden. Id still like to see them bring Gatecrasher back though and get rid of twice as nice. I love Judgement but for me it clashes with “We love” over in SPACE. I might give Wonderland a look this year and as a scouser might just give Garlands a whirl. Always a good night

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