Come Together @ Space Closing 2010

It’s a sad time of year when i start blogging about closing parties, it seems i spend the whole year waiting for summer, then its over in a few blog posts 🙁

However, closing parties are immense 🙂 I will generally only go over to Ibiza now if it’s for opening or closing parties and that’s mainly because i think it’s the best part of the season to go. When it comes to closing parties the tunes of the summer are well and truly established, the Dj’s know what is going to get everyone going nuts and its often their last set of the Ibiza season so they make it that little bit more special.

Come Together has been the new boy this season but  it seems to have gone down really well, they have a host of clubs all under one roof, it can probably be described as a clubbing department store!!

The closing party takes in Vitalic, Marc Ronson and Riva Starr, The covered terrace has Tinie Tempah ( still dont understand this one), the sunset terrace which is probably my favourite part of space has Monza. The other 3 rooms are all open with Pukka up hosting El Salon.

It has been a short season for Come Together but i really hope they make an appearance next season.

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