Cocoon Opens at 6pm… Oh no it dosent!

Ive been following an interesting story since yesterday, Cocoon announced that they were going to start opening at 6pm for there nights with Sven Vath doing a 5 hour set at the club. For people that are not aware the last couple of years Cocoon used to throw invite only villa parties as after hours, Since the law changed it has made it almost impossible to throw villa parties like this without expensive consequence. I’m guessing this was the reason they had the idea of early opening, anyway the new laws stated no club can open after 4.30 so Cocoon can open at 6pm right?? Wrong!!

A day or so after it was announced they have now published a counter statement saying that due to an unclear situation with the government they have canceled plans to open at 6pm.

On message boards this has sparked debate about the “disco Mafia” (the owners of the largest clubs) and alegations that the owner of space has stepped in to influence the government to stop cocoon opening at 6pm as it is direct competition for the club. The owner of space is said to be close friends with the politicians in power and has influenced in the past! This refers the public dislike to DC10 and Bora Bora by the owner of space and look at the state of these venues now! Also echo’s about amnesia and DC10 getting shut down last year with certain other clubs not being looked at.

i hope all this is not true but there has to be an explanation as to why cocoon cant open at 6pm when it clearly states clubs can open from 4.30pm. Space would loose  a lot of money if all the clubs did this so i guess this is the source of the speculation.

Only time will tell and in the mean time…. Party On!!


In a refreshing blast of reality one of the Admins (and Ibiza resident) has commented on all the commotion about the theories being blasted around and as i like to think i post accurate information on this blog i thought it deemed an update.

He rightly commented that the majority of the people who kick up a fuss and have heated comments about what happen in Ibiza dont really have any understanding of the law in Ibiza. He quite rightly states that the way Ibiza is split up means that different parts of the Island follow different laws and in the case of what has been posted this means that Amnesia and Space fall into different areas. He completely dismisses the theory that space have had an influence on the opening of Amnesia at 6pm and points out that due to the local residents; no club venue with a capacity of over 500 people would be aloud to open at 4.30 anyway, so it has been a law that has been place for long enough that the clubs would already have been aware of.

Source: Ibiza Voice Ibiza Spotlight

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