Cocoon @ Amnesia 2010

Back on the Island for the 11th season Cocoon is still one of the nights on the island that is viewed as one of the best. The following Cocoon has is massive, The nights in Ibiza are extremely popular and ive never heard one bad word against it.

One of the best things about Cocoon is the crowd. A night in Cocoon is a night with a crowd that is there because they love Cocoon and the and more so Sven Vath. Because of this, you wont find Cocoon full of  ‘chavs’ or people that are there because everybody else goes, and for a lot of clubs in Ibiza thats something they can’t boast.

In 2010 Cocoon is opening the door’s on the 14th June. They are hosting 16 parties on Mondays and they will be closing on the  27th September.

Cocoon have also become known for their after parties. In the past they were invite only and dotted around the island in different villas. Now however with the restrictions put in place the parties have gone further underground. I don’t really know much about them any more but i did hear of a couple happening last season.

There isn’t any more information about this season yet but once i find out, i will update this post.

8 thoughts on “Cocoon @ Amnesia 2010”

  1. Can you help with these question, where can I buy the tickets for the first night in cocoon amnesia, 14th juni!!! It will be a lot of hep i you can tell me this..!!

  2. Hi Paul

    Tickets for Cocoon don't seem to be available online, You will be able to buy them when you get to Ibiza though with no problems.

    Once you get to Ibiza, there are places all over that sell tickets for all the clubs and nights.

  3. Hi!!

    Are there anywhere tickets for cocoon closing party at 27 of sept available? I cant find tickets online!?

    greetz Claudia

  4. Hi Claudia

    after having a look round i think the club tickets website might be broke, they are not showing any tickets for that day, apart from there i cant find them online anywhere, i would recommend contacting club tickets and asking them about it.


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