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Space is probably Ibzia’s most famous club. Located in Playa Den Bossa not far from the airport Space has carved itself a name that is known globally. The club started out in 1989 and was originally used as a concert hall. It was bought and completely refurbished. The entertainment back then was very different from what it is today, however it was very popular at the time and as the new owner saw a gap and immediately started to open when all the other clubs on the island were closing. They took full advantage of the Spanish law which states a club has to be closed for two hours a day. They opened for a morning session and an evening session.

In 1991 Alex P became part of the history of space. He put some decks behind the bar of the outside terrace and played music to the people chilling out. A couple of years later he was joined by Brandon Block and together they created what everybody now knows as the Terrace at space! The terrace was an open air part of the club (it has since had a roof put on) that evolved into the main attraction. It had a unique vibe with the sun shining and the planes flying low overhead as they go into land at the airport.

Coming on towards more modern day and the club has changed a lot even from the first time i went. There is now a roof on the terrace though it is still an outstanding place to party and technically you are still outside. The biggest change for space and form many people the one that hurt the most was the change of law brought in for the 2008 season. Clubs were band from opening in the mornings which included space which built its name and concept on opening in the mornings.

Before this change the most popular day at space was their famous Sundays at space. (closely followed by the manumission carry on!!) Sundays are hosted by We Love.. (though im sure Home@Space was before them) and they were famous for being open for 22 hours non stop. The party started at 8am and went on till 6am the following day. Don’t get me wrong here We Love… are still there on Sundays and it is still an amazing party to go to, unfortunately the days of staying for 22 hours are now over!

You may not believe me from the way i have gone on but space also has a few rooms inside… no really!!! One of the best sets i have heard in Ibiza came out of the main room at Space as Felix Da Housecat played a set that left an imprint in my head for ever. The Inside of space plays a darker deeper sound than the terrace which is known for its house music. The sound system in the main room known as Discoteca will rattle your bones and generally give you a night you will never forget.

Bringing it up to date and the excitement in Space is as good as ever. Nights such as We Love…, La Troya and Carl Cox make it hard not to visit space when you are in Ibiza. The opening and closing parties are the two big dates of the year. People will fly to Ibiza specially to go to the opening and closing party as you are in one of the worlds best clubs listening to the worlds best DJ’s in two o the best parties of the year.

2012 Space Club Nights

Opening: 27th May 2012

Monday: Ibiza Calling
Tuesday: Carl Cox
Wednesday: Be
Thursday: Enter
Friday: Beat And Raw
Saturday: Cafe Ole
Sunday: We Love SPace

Closing: 7th October 2012

Source: Ibiza Spotlight, Fantazia

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