Privilege in Ibiza is widely known as the ‘The Worlds Biggest Nightclub’ Holding an amazing 10,00 people when it is full it is an amazing place to be but Privilege has not always been Privilege.

What is now known as Privilege started its life in the 70’s as a community swimming pool known as Club San Rafael, It served the small community of San Rafael. People went there to swim and relax until 1978 when three men including a famous Spanish footballer bought Club San Rafael. The three men changed the name to Ku after the nightclub they already owned in their home town.bild-a3_big

Over the next 12 years Ku grew as did its popularity. They had a ku beach bar in Playa Den Bossa for people to relax on the beach but back at the club They shrunk the size of the pool so more and more people could get in and they built a bridge going over it. This is still reflected in the club today though im sure the bridge has changed!! The sound system which was installed could be heard all over the island of Ibiza and its said that the lasers they had could be seen on the main land of Spain. A special few people were issued with keys so that away from the main entrance they could enter through a secret door and get into the club for free.

Ku became known as ‘Europe’s Great Disco’, it was Outrageous, hedonistic and threw the most extravagant parties, musicians and dancers were even flown in from Rio in Brazil to perform. At Ku’s high point Freddy Mercury came to the club to perform Barcelona to celebrate the forth coming Olympic games which was recorded for TV and broadcast around the world.  The video for this can also be found On this page.

By this time the local people were fed up of all the noise and sleepless nights. People of Spain started to fight for a change and in 1990 the Ku of old was covered up and had a roof put on. Unfortunately the roof didn’t last very long as it collapsed during a storm. Because of this the club was closed for a whole season and when it was re opened it then became known as Privilege the club most of us know it as today.

This however was not the end, Ku was placed in the history books but Privilege lives on. Over the last 10 years privilege has been known more for Manumission, Manumission meaning ‘freedom from slavery’ carried on the hedonistic and extravagant parties. For me personally i liked Manumission because it used every inch of the club and to see a club of that size packed with people having a party is something that needed to be seen.

Bringing it to today and Privilege Ibiza is still going strong and its still the worlds largest nightclub. Manumission is now in the past but with everything in life new skool takes over from the old skool. Club nights such as Monza, SuperMartXè and Mauro Picotto’s Meganite now throw their parties around the legendary swimming pool that was Club San Rafael.

2012 Privilege Club Nights

Opening: 09th June

Monday: A State OF Trance
Tuesday: Various Nights
Wednesday: Redfoo – Party Rock Island
Thursday: The Face Of Ibiza
Saturday: Vista Club
Sunday: Dont Let Daddy Know

Closing: Not Sure

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  1. Wow, never thought that there is a story behind that place. If the picture showing is the Privilege, then I am sure its a nice place to be.

  2. Damn !! I wish i'd be there rightnow ! who the hell doesn't want to be THERE!
    Can those crazyy people swim in that pool?? I liki liki that pool !

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