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    pachaPacha is probably Ibiza’s most famous club. Built in 1973 it was not the first Pacha to open but the Pacha in Ibiza is certainly the jewel in the crowd of all the Pacha’s world wide. It’s the only nightclub in Ibiza that is open all year round and does not close for the winter.

    Pacha is predominantly a House club and for as long as i can remember Pacha has always been the favourite club in Ibiza for a lot of people. In the past as in the present Pacha holds some of the best nights on the island, 10 years ago it was Ministry Of Sound that ruled the roost at Pacha on Friday nights, This was not the cheesy clubland type Ministry of sound like the CD’s, it was the best of the best in House music and it was a raging success. Paul Oakenfold held a perfecto night in Pacha were some reports suggested he didn’t turn up t his own night on a couple of occasions.

    After Ministry Of Sound left Pacha (for reasons i don’t know about) it was a real surprise to a lot of people considering how popular the night was but from the departure of MOS came Pure Pacha, Pure Pacha was fronted by Pete Tong for a few years when yet again Fridays were all about Pacha and House Music.

    Pacha has not always been about Fridays however, The best house Dj’s and nights from around the world have graced the two cherries, Subliminal and defected used to be the same night, until a few years ago when they ended up with separate nights, and still pulled in the crowds. On a more commercial note, F*** Me Im Famous and the Swedish House Mafia have kept the queues at Pacha long.

    In 2012, some of the old names are still there, Defected, Subliminal and F*** Me Im Famous, Fridays have Pete back at the helm for the second year of Its All Gone Pete Tong and Sundays became an instant success with Cadenza Vegabundos. The surprise inclusion for me this year is Tiesto holding a night at the club. Its not a Dj i would ever expect to have a a weekly resident in Pacha, but lets see how the season pans out.

    2012 Pacha Club Nights

    Opening: Open All Year Round

    Monday: Tiesto
    Tuesday: Renaissance / Flower Power
    Wednesday: Subliminal
    Thursday: F*** Me, I’m Famous
    Friday: All Gone Pete Tong Pure Pacha
    Saturday: Defected in the house
    Sunday: Cadenza Vagabundos

    Closing: Open All Year Round

    Source: Pacha