Amnesia is located in San Rafael on the main road between Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Originally the house which is now part of Amnesia was built-in the 18th century. The owners who lived there cultivated the land and gave bread to the poor who came begging.

In 1970 the owners of the country house sold up and moved into the town. A widow bought the property. By this time Spain was experiencing unheard of freedom Hippies used to go to what would later be known as Amnesia, they played live music, they experimented with LSD and they put on Art exhibitions.

In May 1976 a guy called Antonio made an offer to the owner of the cottage to rent it from her. His plan was to have parties there so all he needed was a name for the venue. He wanted to portray a place with the name that people could go to far from their regular routine and forget about everything, It was at this time that Amnesia was born.

In the 70’s the club was bought again and there were glorious times for the club as well as bad times which included closures (sound familiar?), A promoting war had broke out on the island between some of the clubs which included Amnesia and Ku which is now Privilege. The likes of Bob Marley came to the island to perform.

In the 80’s the music on the island changed the sound got more powerful, open top roof clubbing was introduced and the Dance Music scene was only around the corner. The guy at the forefront of the 80’s was a name you might have heard of, it was Dj Alfredo. In 1989 Dj Alfedo played at the closing party of amnesia which you can see in the following video.

If you want to see more video’s like this then check out my Amnesia Closing Party 1989 page.

The 90’s came and so did world domination for the clubs of Ibiza, They began to be known globally and they became a mecca for 1000’s of people, with the success however came complaints of noise and with unhappy neighbours the clubs were forced to cover up, The clubs before this time would be one place i would love to travel back in time and re visit.

In 1999 Ibiza became an island of cultural heritage, many of us know the story from this point on. They continue to produce some of the best parties year after year, they have in my opinion the best nightclub on the island and this is reflected in the names and nights that have been there, GodsKitchen is one of my most memorable nights in Amnesia but more up to date it has nights such as Cream, La Troya, Cocoon and Armada. The clubs Ice Cannon is talked about globally as is the foam parties and everything in between.

Moving on from the past to the present Amnesia gave its terrace a makeover for the 2008 summer, it consists of two rooms, The traditional main room is generally were the main promoters take stage and the Dj’s make their magic. It can get very busy and hot but a blast from the legendary Ice Cannon can easily cool you down.

Moving through to the Terrace and as mentioned they have recently had a makeover, In the summer of 2008 many good reports came from the terrace of Amnesia and some of them calling for the terrace to become the main room. If you compare the rooms, the main room is darker feels more closed in and with the lasers and smoke machine feels like it has a low ceiling creating a special vibe. The terrace on the other hand is lighter and a generally feels a lot bigger.

In 2009 Amnesia saw nights such as Cocoon, Cream, La Troya and Armada. Manumission did relocate to Amnesia, but with no disrespect to Amnesia, it couldn’t put on Manumission in the way its rival club Privilege could.

Looking back to last year, and it was more of the same, Cocoon, Cream, Armada with Roger Sanchez on the terrace, the line ups are world-class 7 nights a week.

To put how much Amnesia has changed into perspective, the video below is from Cream last year, It’s the end of Ferry Corstan’s Set going into PVD’s opening track, Two heavy weights that rock the main room now.

In Amnesia you will always found the worlds best Dj’s, an amazing sound system and a smoke machine that will knock your socks off!

The video below is shot in the same room (it wasn’t a room back then) as the video from 1989 🙂

In 2011 Amnesia will continue to dominate, Cream and cocoon will be the busiest nights but that doesn’t mean they are the best to go to, Amnesia offers something for everyone. Check out below for the nights that will be on in 2011

2012 Amnesia Club Nights

Opening: 09th June

Monday: Cocoon
Tuesday: Together
Wednesday: La Troya – Karmasutra
Thursday: Cream
Friday: Music On
Saturday: Matinee
Sunday: Espuma – Popstars

Closing: Not Sure

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