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    As i have mentioned on many occasions, the Ibiza clubs are some of the best clubs you will every visit. The clubs in Ibiza have a unique electric vibe about them you would rarely feel elsewhere. It might just be because a lot of people in them are on holiday that it gives them a great atmosphere, It might be because of the history the clubs have and the stories that have come out of them, It might be because the organisers know how to throw the ultimate parties! Id like to think that its all of them, Roll all these reasons together and then you have the “Ibiza Magic”.

    Ibiza’s nightclub scene has been popular for decades, Originally some of them were nothing more than oudoor gardens which people used to party in. The likes of Queen performed in Ku (now privilege) when it was all open air, Amnesia started out life as a farm house and The infamous Terrace at space started out life as a cloakroom!

    The clubs have grown and morphed over the last 30 odd years but nobody can take away the history these clubs have had and the legends that have become of them. When you are in the clubs in Ibiza you know that great things have happened between the walls and they will continue to happen for as long as music can be played.

    Ibiza is successful year in year out at attracting the worlds finest Dj’s to play in the clubs, promoters from all over the world put on nights to suit everyone. The location of all the clubs also helps make Ibiza so good, noware else on this planet can you choose from 7 of the best clubs around with the best lineups in the world and never be more than about 30 minutes from each.

    There are 7 (8) main players in the Ibiza Nightclub Scene.

    Space – Playa Den Bossa
    Pacha – Ibiza Town
    El Divino – Ibiza Town
    Amnesia – San Rafael
    Privilege – San Rafael
    Eden – San Antonio
    Es Paradise – San Antonio

    The Eighth club that has to be worth a mention is DC10. For many many years a fairly unknown place to go and party. In more recent years a mecca for many of the people who go to Ibiza. Unfortunately it is currently closed down.

    In the next few months i will be writing about all these clubs more so if you are interested then please keep checking back.