Classic Ibiza

Ibiza has been attracting an international crowd since day 1! you may not believe this but people were going to ibiza to party way before the British decided to invade in masses every summer. In music terms the word classic’s is thrown around every day, CD’s are released and if you listen to a classic’s cd it probably wont go back past 1999/98. I’m fond of these Cd’s and scared at the same time cause what is now classed as a classic is what was cutting edge when i started going to Ibiza!!

To me classic Ibiza goes back a lot further, classic Ibiza to me is a time before it was possible for me to go there, it wa a time that if i had a time machine i would love to go back and experiance. Classic ibiza to me is when all the clubs were open air, Es Paradis was a garden people danced in, Amnesia resembled a barn and Ku (privilege) looked like someones swimming pool! How do i know this? cause ive seen the pictures!

Its sad that its something that can never be experienced again but with hindsight at the time maybe they would never have believed what Ibiza has become. i have pictures here and if i find more i will add to this post. I love the fact that you can still see which clubs are in the pictures as for two of them the main features of the clubs from back then are still in the clubs now which makes me feel like there is still a part of the old Ibiza that started of the Ibiza we know still in the clubs we know and love.

Ive also found a few video’s that are in Ibiza, they are not all dance music but they are still the clubs we love!

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Please leave some comments on this post and lets try and get some remanising on the go! if you ever went to the clubs like this then tell us a story!

Freddie Murcury performing at Ku in 1987

Sven Vath @ Ku 1990

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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  1. Ive never seen the clubs like thatbefore. Im a pup really, been going since 05 and lived out there for the 06 and 07 season. That circled arena in es paradis is madness seeing it in open air. Would have loved to experience that.

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