Circo Loco Will Open This Week

A mixmag blog post has an interview with the owner of Circo Loco who insists the party will go on! In the interview he says, go to the Circo Loco Myspace and you will read the truth, in the same blog post they also question Ibiza spotlight who mentioned about all these troubles as you have read on here. He says the party will go on, Now ive been a member of the spotlight forums for many many years and i dont remember a time they have published incorrect information.

After reading that i thought i would read their myspace to see what they had to say about it and guess what??? Ibiza Spotlight were correct so i dont understand how there integrity could be questioned, However their myspace has pretty much resigned to the fact that DC10 and Circo Loco @DC10 is coming to an end and the parties that will happen to the end of this season my very well be the last. They urge people to go and show their support in there final days by flying out to ibiza to party with them one last time.

Source: Mixmag

One thought on “Circo Loco Will Open This Week”

  1. I can tell you that a very excited couple are coming all the way from Toronto, Canada for September 8th/08′ CiRcO~LoCo @ Dc-10 party.

    Whatever happens we can’t take the chance that this could be the last party @ this venue under the name Dc-10 (CiRcI~LoCo) party!

    Can anyone give us aheads up on the TBA guest….crossing fingers for Luciano & Ricardo Villalobos…..

    Oh Ya….special note for P.Diddy incase he decides to show up..

    Keep you HipHop ass out!

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