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Mixmag Live From Ibiza August 2013

This month Mixmag have 5 live broadcasts planned from Ibiza.

The first live show is Scuba live from We Love @ Space on Sunday and it will; be broadcast at 11pm UK time.

Other sets you can catch this month include

A Night With Mike Manumission

There has been lots of talk about the old manumission this year with the announcement of Cinemission (which i have reliably been informed wont be happening this year now and when i was having a look around, i have stumbled across this YouTube video which documents Mike and Claire who were two of the people that help set up and run Manumission.

In the very early days, Manumission created hype by putting on live Sex shows in the club, something that was stopped in the late 90’s but for years after, people were still talking about it thinking it still happened. Manumission was one of the first ‘propper’ nightclubs i ever went to and i still have some of my fondest memories in Ibiza in Manumission with the sun rising through the floor to ceiling window in the back of the club.

Space Opening Party 2013 Live

Today is the day many people wait 364 days of the year for. The Space opening party is one party that i would always recommend people make an effort to go to.

It’s a great time of the year to be on the island and there is no better way to kick of a new season than in the Space opening party. If like me, you’re not actually there today, then it doesn’t mean you have to miss out!!

You can listen to the opening party live two ways today,

Firstly we have Pioneer Dj Radio broadcasting form the Flight Club Area (this is the outdoor stage they put up specially for the opening and closing parties)


You can also watch the opening party live on Be-At.TV which will be starting in the next hour


Sankeys Opening Part 1

Last night Sankeys opening its doors for the first time this season, the night was broadcast live on Mixmag TV which is a YouTube channel that puts out live broadcasts. The night was also available to listen to on DI.FM

Ive not listened to any of it yet, its been added to my playlist to listen to later.

You will also be able to hear Day 2 of the opening party of DI.FM. Im  not sure if anything will be on the Mixmag channel.

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Matinee @ Amnesia 2012 Intro

Not a night i have been to myself, the video they have made for this season though is brilliant, if only you could just fly in and hook up with hot strangers and walk round hi fiving everyone!

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Ibiza Rocks Radio W.A.R Takeover – 1

Tonight saw the first episode of Ibiza Rocks Radio (IRR) broadcast live on I listened to a good hour of it, and it was a great listen. Different to what i have come to expect from Ibiza Rocks after my last visit, but in a very good way! W.A.R which is We Are Rock stars, is a new night in Ibiza Rocks for 2012 and if this is a taster of whats to come, it will fast become my preferred Ibiza Rocks event!

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