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Opening Party Comments

I have now removed all the comments from the opening and closing party pages as some of them were getting old now and although i love people to comment i feel people coming to the pages and reading the comments may get confused if the comments were about previous years. If you have any info or comments or just want to ask a question, please feel free.

I have now changed the comment system on my website so if you want to leave a comment you can log-in using your Twitter or Facebook details if you want or if you don’t want to log-in you don’t have to.

Me on

Just though id let you know that i have done an interview on Myself and John at have decided to share our knowledge. As a result i have been interviewed by John and he has published this on his own blog. You should go over and check it out. has the same aims as my Ibiza Blog but as an added extra John is creating a community for people who love and visit Ibiza. Its a great place that you can go and meet similar people who love Ibiza, If you are planning on Working in Ibiza this year then this is even more reason to go and check it out. I dont have any information about people who want to go and work there but john has an excellent facility for people to try and find work.

Myself and John are going to start guest blogging on each others websites. Check back soon and you will be able to read an interview from John. We will also be guest blogging on each others websites which i hope will introduce a more varied prospective for anyone planning on visiting Ibiza for the first time or even hear the views of other people for those of you that have been before.


Ive not been blogging for quite a while due to being extremely busy but don’t worry there is still plenty going on in Ibiza, the next couple of days might be a bit of a torrent of information, ill try and keep my blogging regular once again.

I have have been making a few updates the last week or so, the opening parties page keeps getting updated with 2009 openings and ive also added a few more Podcasts to the Podcasts page which includes links to a large selection of podcasts.

A Small Change To The Site

As you can see i have made a few little changes to my website, As part of these changes i have decided to “Follow” the links in the comments. I have made this desicion to try and encourage more people to post their comments and thoughts on the things i speak about. If you dont know what im talking aboutnever mind it dosent matter, if you do know what im talking about then please come and comment and link to your sites.

Thats enough of the Geeky stuff, Ibiza only from now on!!

Site Change

As you can see with the summer season now at a close Ive not blogged anything for a while, Ive been working on adapting my theme for the site, My plans are to make the site a bit bigger and make it easier to find the information you might be on here looking for. If you see any bugs or problems with the new design then please give me a shout.

In the coming weeks i am hoping to add information about many of the bars onto this site which i think was a big thing missing from the last 12 months. I will also be adding pages talking about the main clubs on the island so it becomes a better place to browse if you want to know about the clubs in Ibiza. I do this site on my own so you may have to bear with me while i get it all written and published 🙂

I hope you all had a wicked time in Ibiza this year, Info on NYE should be coming soon.

Its Not To Late

If you are anything like me and you haven’t actually booked your trip to Ibiza yet then dont worry, I have given a bit of an overhaul to my Ibiza Flights page so its up to date, Ive got details of prices for flights for the rest of the season. I have only quoted prices from Manchester or London airports but it gives you a good idea.

If you depart from london and want to go in september for the start of the closing parties then there are some great prices available. Go and take a look to see what is left on my Ibiza Flights page

Accomodation Update

I have updated my Ibiza Accomodation section of the site so that it has updated information. All the prices i have listed are a guide only and were correct when i wrote them, All the accomodation listed is still avaliable so if you haven’t sorted your accommodation out yet this year then here is an idea of what is left and how much it costs.

If you want to do it a bit cheaper i would recommend going for the closing parties around the end of September or even October for the space closing party