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The Arena @ Vista Club

This has to be the best lineup ive seen to a night ive never heard of that’s located in a back room of a club, ok, so its the back room of Privilege, but this lineup is great.

The night is called The Arena, and its in Vista Club, which is located in the back right hand corner of privilege if you go through the main entrance. Dj’s to be performing include:

  • 2 Many Dj’s
  • Dj Sneak
  • Erol Alkan
  • Fake Blood
  • Umek

Thursday night is a big night in Ibiza with some massive nights and Dj’s hogging the limelight which is why only part of Privilege is open on Thursdays this year. IUf you fancy going against the grain on a Thursday this year, i dont think you could go far wrong with the Dj’s lined up for this night.


Radio 1 weekend 2013 – Live Radio Shows

I’ve been real slack with keeping my blog up to date so far this year, but with my trip over now booked, my enthusiasm has returned!

I usually have all the Radio 1 info up and ready months in advance but its not something ive even looked at this year so far (maybe that’s a sign).

This year, there seems to be slightly more in terms of broadcasts from the Island, however, im not sure if their all broadcasts people can go and be part of.

The breakfast show will be live form Ibiza tomorrow morning, and Danny Howard will be doing his show from Ibiza on Saturday. This is as well as the regular Friday night and essential mix events.

Friday 2nd August 
0630 – 1000

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw live from Ibiza

1900 – 2300
Radio 1 LIVE from Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel with, Pete Tong, B-Traits, Danny Howard, Benga and special guests:

Fred V & Grafix
Chris Malinchak
Pete Tong
George Fitzgerald

Saturday 3rd August
0100 – 0500

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix with highlights from Steve Lawler and Darius Syrossian from Viva Warriors Sankeys, Ibiza recorded on Sunday 28th July.

1600 – 1900
BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems with Danny Howard LIVE from Ibiza

Sunday 4th August
0100 – 0500

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix live from Cream @ Privilege, Ibiza – a specially extended, four hour Essential Mix with sets from Pete Tong, Eric Prydz and Hardwell.

Eric Prydz
Chase & Status (DJ Set)
Pete Tong
Zane Lowe
Gorgon City
Danny Howard
The Frederik
KOAN Sound

Source: BBC Radio 1

A Night With Mike Manumission

There has been lots of talk about the old manumission this year with the announcement of Cinemission (which i have reliably been informed wont be happening this year now and when i was having a look around, i have stumbled across this YouTube video which documents Mike and Claire who were two of the people that help set up and run Manumission.

In the very early days, Manumission created hype by putting on live Sex shows in the club, something that was stopped in the late 90’s but for years after, people were still talking about it thinking it still happened. Manumission was one of the first ‘propper’ nightclubs i ever went to and i still have some of my fondest memories in Ibiza in Manumission with the sun rising through the floor to ceiling window in the back of the club.

Danny Howard Ibiza 2013

A couple of years ago, i was sat at work one Friday morning listening to the radio 1 Dj competition. I remember it so well, because there was a Blackpool lad on. It’s not often we get on the news or radio, unless it’s a bad news!

Danny Howard was the Dj and he wiped the floor with his competition. His prize ended up being the prize that just keeps giving. Warmup slot at Ushuaia for the radio 1 weekend, followed by an invite to play at space the same night, if i remember rightly, he ended up doing a 6 hour set in there. The following year offered more gigs, a Radio show and more of a season in Ibiza.

In 2013, Danny has decent summer schedule for his Ibiza gigs.

I feel a bit guilty starting this blog post off talking about him as though he is a competition winner because he is now far from that. It’s a fairy tale with an amazing ending though, i don’t know Danny personally (though there is probably a connection through mates, Blackpool inst that big!) though it seems like the boy next door has done good!

Enough of the sentimental guff, Go and check Danny out this summer if you’re in Ibiza. He has already played Pacha this season and the pre party on Mambos for which he appeared on Mambo TV.

So far i have the following dates for Danny

  • Friday 5th July – Judgement, Ibiza
  • Friday 12th July – Judgement, Ibiza
  • Friday 19th July – Judgement, Ibiza
  • Monday 22nd July – Pacha, Ibiza
  • Friday 2nd August – Judgement, Ibiza
  • 2nd – 4th August – Radio 1, Ibiza weekend
  • Saturday 3rd August – Cream/Radio 1, Privilege, Ibiza

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No Tiesto Residency in 2013

In a recent keynote speech in Australia, Tiesto revealed that he probably wont be taking up a full-time residency in Ibiza for 2013, instead probably only doing a few one-off gigs through the summer.

“Next year I’m not sure if I can do it, because it takes a lot out of me to play there from the end of May till the end of September”

Tiesto is seen by a lot of people as one of the biggest Dj’s in the world. For my personal and ever-changing taste, Tiesto was amazing in times gone by but he hasn’t done it for me for a long time now. Hi had his own night in Privilege for a while and the place looked busy. Last year, which was a strange setup for me, he held a residency in Pacha. Love him or not, he has spent the last 10 seasons in Ibiza playing week in week out.

Will you miss Tiesto if he doesn’t play every week in 2013? My only concern, is where will all the Tiesto fans go!

check out his full keynote speech below, or check the link for’s take on the situation.

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A State of Trance Opening Party @ Privilege Ibiza 2012

Trance isnt as popular as it used to be 10 + years ago, and there is no reason it should be, Music evolves with time and peoples tastes, however, Ive always loved my Trance and the first time i Saw Armin Van Burren in Ibiza was in his ‘new’ Armada night in Amnesia, we got given our tickets for free at his pre party in Coastline, which was stroke of luck, because we were going to this night anyway.

The Main room in Amnesia wasn’t full but there were a good amount of people in there, the special thing about the night, was it was full of Armin Van Burren fans, the name of the night wasn’t the attraction, it was Armin, If you want a taste of Armada that year, Listen to Universal Religion 2004 recorded from Amnesia, its still one of my most treasured CD’s.

Fast forward 8 years and Armin is still an amazing Dj. he has picked up a few more followers along the way and his sound has changed, but you will still hear some quality trance without any gimmicks.

Last Monday, Armin opened his biggest night in Ibiza to date, In privilege, going from giving his tickets away in 2004 (he was still big then) to filling the worlds biggest nightclub shows that 1, Armin is one of the biggest trance Dj’s in the world, and 2, there is still enough trance lovers in Ibiza on a Monday evening to fill privilege. The only other Trance Dj on any sort of level in my opinion, is Ferry Corsten, who is also a complete legend, but i wouldn’t expect to be able to fill privilege.

There is a great little review on Ibiza Spotlight from a non trance lover of the night which everyone should have a little read, there isnt much trance round any more, but its great to see people still appreciate the cream of the crop 🙂

Review: Ibiza Spotlight Review

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Privilege Opening 2012

In 8 days time Privilege will be opening its door for the season. This opening party isnt one ive been to yet but this year it look good. They have a great variety of Dj’s on show with some coming from the Armada night and some of the others being the residents and more. Prices are  €40 from what i can see so if you are on the island on the 1st June, head over and enjoy one of the less spoken about opening parties.

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markus schulz
john dahlbäck
dj oliver
nalaya (live)
oriol calvo

Lineup Source: Ibiza Spotlight