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Danny Howard Ibiza 2013

A couple of years ago, i was sat at work one Friday morning listening to the radio 1 Dj competition. I remember it so well, because there was a Blackpool lad on. It’s not often we get on the news or radio, unless it’s a bad news!

Danny Howard was the Dj and he wiped the floor with his competition. His prize ended up being the prize that just keeps giving. Warmup slot at Ushuaia for the radio 1 weekend, followed by an invite to play at space the same night, if i remember rightly, he ended up doing a 6 hour set in there. The following year offered more gigs, a Radio show and more of a season in Ibiza.

In 2013, Danny has decent summer schedule for his Ibiza gigs.

I feel a bit guilty starting this blog post off talking about him as though he is a competition winner because he is now far from that. It’s a fairy tale with an amazing ending though, i don’t know Danny personally (though there is probably a connection through mates, Blackpool inst that big!) though it seems like the boy next door has done good!

Enough of the sentimental guff, Go and check Danny out this summer if you’re in Ibiza. He has already played Pacha this season and the pre party on Mambos for which he appeared on Mambo TV.

So far i have the following dates for Danny

  • Friday 5th July – Judgement, Ibiza
  • Friday 12th July – Judgement, Ibiza
  • Friday 19th July – Judgement, Ibiza
  • Monday 22nd July – Pacha, Ibiza
  • Friday 2nd August – Judgement, Ibiza
  • 2nd – 4th August – Radio 1, Ibiza weekend
  • Saturday 3rd August – Cream/Radio 1, Privilege, Ibiza

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A Mass Exodus From Pacha

2013 seems set to be a very different year in Pacha. I have already blogged recently about Tiesto not holding a residency with Pacha in 2013 with Tiesto claiming its too much to do it every year.

Yesterday Defected announced that they to will be leaving Pacha to set up camp elsewhere. Simon Dunmore said the following

Ibiza’s clubbing landscape, however, is rapidly evolving and these are exciting times. Continuing a tried and trusted formula would have been the easiest option but next summer will be our tenth on the island and our achievements last summer give us a great platform to look at the new opportunities available to us. So, to conclude, we will not be at Pacha next summer and shall announce our plans for 2013 early in the New Year.

It sounds like they have some exciting plans, and the fact that they have announced they are not in Pacha signals to me that they plans are probably confirmed.

The above are stories straight from the horse’s mouth. However, when i was first reading about this on Mixmag, they threw the following in at the end

There are also rumours circulating that Cadenza and Pete Tong are very likely to be leaving, along with David Guetta, Tiesto and Eric Prydz weekly nights possibly relocating to an alternative club.

Now, i find it hard now days to remember who played in which clubs in which years, but im pretty sure Eric Prydz did have a night in Pacha last season.

Take from the above what you will, i personally think that if five out of the seven promoters from one club are upping sticks and leaving all at the same time, then there has got to be trouble from within.

I could see Cadenza on the terrace of Amnesia or in Space, i could See Pete Tong anywhere and everywhere! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a collaboration of nights filling Privilege.

Time will tell, but it gets the brain thinking on a cold Friday afternoon!

Source: Defected Mixmag

No Tiesto Residency in 2013

In a recent keynote speech in Australia, Tiesto revealed that he probably wont be taking up a full-time residency in Ibiza for 2013, instead probably only doing a few one-off gigs through the summer.

“Next year I’m not sure if I can do it, because it takes a lot out of me to play there from the end of May till the end of September”

Tiesto is seen by a lot of people as one of the biggest Dj’s in the world. For my personal and ever-changing taste, Tiesto was amazing in times gone by but he hasn’t done it for me for a long time now. Hi had his own night in Privilege for a while and the place looked busy. Last year, which was a strange setup for me, he held a residency in Pacha. Love him or not, he has spent the last 10 seasons in Ibiza playing week in week out.

Will you miss Tiesto if he doesn’t play every week in 2013? My only concern, is where will all the Tiesto fans go!

check out his full keynote speech below, or check the link for’s take on the situation.

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Defected @ Pacha 2012

I keep using the phrase, but Defected is another one of the Ibiza Old Guard, its kept going and its kept being a success, id put it down to the lineups being different each year, new and old can easily share a lineup and the nights just work.

This year you can head over and see the likes of The Shapeshifters, Bob Sinclar, Sandy Rivera etc… It all takes place in Pacha and tickets start at €38 early season going up to €48 for the rest of the season.

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May 26th
Bob Sinclar
The Shapeshifters
Simon Dunmore

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Tiesto @ Pacha 2012

And just like buses, they come two at a time! Tiesto has announced through his twitter that he will be taking up a residency in Pacha for 2012, rumours have been flying of this announcement but at almost exactly the same time Armin announced his news and new venue, Tiesto thought he would share the limelight!

His tweet states he is opening on the 28th May which is nice and early for any fans also wanting to catch the opening weekend of action. Its definitely not a venue i would have expected for Tiesto, but Pacha has become a club that just wants to fill the club regardless of the music the dj’s will play. With the rumored departure of the Swedish House Mafia, they need to fill that void somehow.


tiesto pacha

Source: Tiesto Twitter

Pacha Overcrowding

Every now and then when your reading reviews you come across someone complaining about how busy a club is and how it ruins a night. Cream in Amnesia has always been a night people say is to busy but in my experience there has always been a place to stand, even if it’s not on the dance floor or facing the DJ.

But over the last 12 months the attention hasn’t been on Cream but its been on Pacha, I keep reading time and time again about the club being so full for the FMIF night and for the Swedish House Mafia Night. As ive said in the past, people will always complain about it being to busy and it not being enjoyable, but these reviews are now changing to people not feeling safe in a club which i feel is a totally different story.

Ibiza Voice has just published a story about David Guetta’s night at which people were pushing each other around and scuffling with security. It’s certainly not the type of thing you want to be hearing about any night. Ibiza voice seem to be calling to Pacha with the article they released to do something about it and i agree with them.

In the 12 years ive been going to Ibiza ive never seen or heard of any of the big clubs say a night has sold out. This type of overcrowding is only something that seems to be talked about in the last couple of years and it is always at the more commercial nights on the island. Maybe the nights are attracting more people than the club can handle, or maybe the internet is just making it easier to find stuff like this out without being there in person.

Either way, it really seems like Pacha need to address what really seems to be a problem with their two commercial nights.

Source: Ibiza Voice