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Space Opening Party 2013 Live

Today is the day many people wait 364 days of the year for. The Space opening party is one party that i would always recommend people make an effort to go to.

It’s a great time of the year to be on the island and there is no better way to kick of a new season than in the Space opening party. If like me, you’re not actually there today, then it doesn’t mean you have to miss out!!

You can listen to the opening party live two ways today,

Firstly we have Pioneer Dj Radio broadcasting form the Flight Club Area (this is the outdoor stage they put up specially for the opening and closing parties)


You can also watch the opening party live on Be-At.TV which will be starting in the next hour


Sankeys Opening Part 1

Last night Sankeys opening its doors for the first time this season, the night was broadcast live on Mixmag TV which is a YouTube channel that puts out live broadcasts. The night was also available to listen to on DI.FM

Ive not listened to any of it yet, its been added to my playlist to listen to later.

You will also be able to hear Day 2 of the opening party of DI.FM. Im  not sure if anything will be on the Mixmag channel.

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Sankeys Ibiza Opening 2013

A name that is being spoken about more and more in and around Ibiza. In 2013 the owners expect big things, as i blogged about recently, they are closing the Manchester club this weekend to concentrate on Ibiza and making the Ibiza club as popular as the UK club.

Based in Playa Den Bossa, Sankeys is a smaller club compared to the ‘super clubs’ but from everything ive heard about it, it’s a great little club. 2012 had some massive nights. Solomun was a stand out night as mentioned by Macloon in his interview. In 2013 Steve Lawler will be returning for another massive residency.

Sankeys Ibiza will be opening in 2013 on Thursday May 23rd which is the end of the Music week and the same weekend as the Space & DC 10 openings.

The opening party however, is set over Thursday and Friday with a great range of Dj’s on offer. If you’re heading out there for the opening weekend or at any point this summer, then make sure you check out Sankeys.

Thursday Opening Party Lineup  23rd May:

Steve Lawler
Nina Kraviz
Darius Syrossian
Shadow Child
Waze & Oddysey
Charlie Banks
Jonathan Cowan

Friday Opening Party Lineup  24rd May:

David August
Just Be (Bushwacka !)
Alex Picone
Antonio Piacquadio
Luis Groove

You can get tickets in advance on-line from Fatsoma tickets, Both days are priced at €49, or €30 for the Thursday or Friday


A State of Trance Opening Party @ Privilege Ibiza 2012

Trance isnt as popular as it used to be 10 + years ago, and there is no reason it should be, Music evolves with time and peoples tastes, however, Ive always loved my Trance and the first time i Saw Armin Van Burren in Ibiza was in his ‘new’ Armada night in Amnesia, we got given our tickets for free at his pre party in Coastline, which was stroke of luck, because we were going to this night anyway.

The Main room in Amnesia wasn’t full but there were a good amount of people in there, the special thing about the night, was it was full of Armin Van Burren fans, the name of the night wasn’t the attraction, it was Armin, If you want a taste of Armada that year, Listen to Universal Religion 2004 recorded from Amnesia, its still one of my most treasured CD’s.

Fast forward 8 years and Armin is still an amazing Dj. he has picked up a few more followers along the way and his sound has changed, but you will still hear some quality trance without any gimmicks.

Last Monday, Armin opened his biggest night in Ibiza to date, In privilege, going from giving his tickets away in 2004 (he was still big then) to filling the worlds biggest nightclub shows that 1, Armin is one of the biggest trance Dj’s in the world, and 2, there is still enough trance lovers in Ibiza on a Monday evening to fill privilege. The only other Trance Dj on any sort of level in my opinion, is Ferry Corsten, who is also a complete legend, but i wouldn’t expect to be able to fill privilege.

There is a great little review on Ibiza Spotlight from a non trance lover of the night which everyone should have a little read, there isnt much trance round any more, but its great to see people still appreciate the cream of the crop 🙂

Review: Ibiza Spotlight Review

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Space 2012 Opening Tickets

Tickets for the space opening party are now on sale currently priced at €50. The ticket must be used before 10pm and it includes 1 free drink!

They are being promoted as Early Bird tickets, but i cant see them going up in price online. I would recommend getting them online in advance as they will probably be more in the resort and it will probably be €75 on the door.

Line-up So Far

Carl Cox
Camilo Franco
Paul Darey


Source: Space

Space Opening 2012

As is the script with opening parties now, Space will be opening on the last Sunday of May which this year is the 27th. Space has always marked the start of the Ibiza season and although there is plenty going on around that date, i still look out for the space opening date to know what is happening around it.

No line-ups as yet, just confirmation of the date. You can expect to see an extremely large amount of DJ’s on offer, there will be an outdoor stage built for the occasion which is a great feature of the opening and closing parties. I would expect Space to open at 12 noon (ish).

I have said it before and i will say it again, if you have the opportunity to go to Ibiza for this opening weekend, then please make the effort and go, the Buzz around the place for opening weekend is great and so are the people that make the effort to get there for the opening weekend.

Source: Space