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A Night With Mike Manumission

There has been lots of talk about the old manumission this year with the announcement of Cinemission (which i have reliably been informed wont be happening this year now and when i was having a look around, i have stumbled across this YouTube video which documents Mike and Claire who were two of the people that help set up and run Manumission.

In the very early days, Manumission created hype by putting on live Sex shows in the club, something that was stopped in the late 90’s but for years after, people were still talking about it thinking it still happened. Manumission was one of the first ‘propper’ nightclubs i ever went to and i still have some of my fondest memories in Ibiza in Manumission with the sun rising through the floor to ceiling window in the back of the club.

The History Of Ku

For me, Privilege and Amnesia are the two clubs i see as being the original foundations of the clubbing scene in Ibiza, right or wrong that’s how i picture it. A couple of weeks ago a i published some video’s of Amnesia closing party in 1989. Recently Ibiza Spotlight have written an article about the history of Ku which later got renamed as Privilege.

If it interests you like it does me then take a read, there are some great photo’s with the article as well 🙂

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Amnesia Closing Party 1989

If you have read my blog for long enough you will know how much i love old footage / imagery of Ibiza, It doesn’t matter who you are, the more time goes on the more you think the past is better, it’s an unfortunate fact of life!! ‘The End Of Ibiza’ has been predicted almost every year over the last 12 years ive been going. The restrictions on clubs shutting at 6am many years ago signalled the end, then the change of council toughening up on licences, that was going to finish off Ibiza, then DC10 got shut and daytime parties were stopped, that was another round of people predicting the end of Ibiza, surly there is nothing left to go for eh?

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Classic Ibiza

Ibiza has been attracting an international crowd since day 1! you may not believe this but people were going to ibiza to party way before the British decided to invade in masses every summer. In music terms the word classic’s is thrown around every day, CD’s are released and if you listen to a classic’s cd it probably wont go back past 1999/98. I’m fond of these Cd’s and scared at the same time cause what is now classed as a classic is what was cutting edge when i started going to Ibiza!!
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