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Ibiza Wallpaper Used Again

From time to time, i spot a totally amazing Ibiza sunset image on a Youtube video, club flyer, promo CD etc, and it think….. That looks good! I like it even more when its ona good tune, i suppose this is a great track to be posting before 9 in the morning, listening to this will be a good way to start the day.

If you would like to have the picture as a backdrop, then feel free to download my Ibiza Sunset Wallpaper

Electronique In Ibiza 2011

In 2011 Manchester really seems to be pushing its own thing on Ibiza. So far Sankeys has had nothing but good reviews from what ive read and moving forward another night will be hitting the white isle.

Between the 23rd and 28th July Electronique which is run by Si Heslin will be throwing a host of parties across different venues in Ibiza. Electronique is a night born in Manchester and has had plenty of very successful nights in Sankeys Manchester and around the UK. Electronique plays deep and soulful tech house music and in a couple of weeks will be taking over Ibiza.

They kick of their tour playing the Zoo Project boat party which is generally considered one of the best boat parties to go on, they will also take on Hush, a pool party at Kanya and what must be the pinnacle of this trip for them, they will be taking over the Red Room @ Space on the 27th July which is also a Northern Lights Night which would make this an amazing night to go to.

If you want to hear what Electronique is about, you should all remember Mr Pedros who is one of their residents, who kindly did this set for the blog, You will be able to catch Mr Pedros on the 26th July @ Kanya, 27th July @ Space and 28th July @ Bunker

If you want to check out more from Electronique then on the 20th July you will be able to buy their 10 track Ibiza sampler from Beatport, which you can trust me when i say, is really good!

Electronique Dates 2011:

23rd July Electronique @ Zoo Project Boatparty & TBC

24th July IamStereo @ Hush

26th July Electronique Pool Party @ Kanya

27th July Electronique @ SPACE

28th July Electronique @ Bunker

Armada Use Ibiza Blog Sunset Wallpaper

I noticed yesterday that John O’Callaghan had a new tune being released by the Armada Label feat. Audrey Gallagher. The new track is called Bring Back The Sun.

It’s a good track and i really like John O’Callaghan, i was pretty amazed though when i found the wallpaper that can be downloaded from this website being used in the video on YouTube!!

I don’t really mind as i have made the image available to download for anyone to use as they wish. If you would like to download the wallpaper then head over to my Ibiza Sunset Wallpaper page 🙂

Ibiza Wallpaper

Today i thought i would give you your second installation of Ibiza wallpapers. This picture was taken on one of our visits to Formentera, We went on that little coach trip around the island and if you have been before then this is the view off the cliff near the lighthouse! If you havent been then go and check it out for yourself.

Ibiza Sea Wallpaper

View From Formentera

Ibiza Sunset Wallpaper

I was looking through some of the pictures i have of Ibiza today and thought i would share one with you as a wallpaper. All my pictures are 1280×1024 so will fit good on peoples desktops. The first one i will put on offer is the sunset in Ibiza. I took this one evening whilst watching the sunset from in front of Cafe Mambo’s click the link below to see it.

Ibiza Sunset Wallpaper

I will add some more at a later date to keep you all interested!