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Example: W.A.R Resident 2013

Example has been announced as a resident for 2013 on Fridays at the Ibiza Rocks hotel for their “We Are Rockstars” night.

Most of the reports don’t seem clear but this isn’t the same night most people would be thinking about if someone mentioned a night at Ibiza Rocks.

Example will be performing with DJ Wire on the following dates

June 5th
June 12th
June 19th
June 26th
August 23rd

There is a further Date that Example has been booked for in 2013 and this is for the Ibiza Rocks on a Wednesday when he will be doing a full festival performance. If you want to see example performing like he does at a festival, than  August 14th is the date you want to be booking your hotels and flights for.

Example WAR

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Student Trips to Ibiza

As poor as most students are Ibiza is full of them during the summer months, i went to Ibiza most years when i was a student, i have no idea how i managed it looking back, but i did.

Fast forward to today, and now students have plenty of options to get to Ibiza for a holiday with only the spending money a potential hurdle.

Tribe Ibiza are offering a really good deal on your accommodation and events. You will need to book your own flights to get there, if you book early with your January loan it wont be to expensive!

Accommodation is in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and prices start from £220 per person with three people sharing a room. For your money you will get accommodation from the 24th to the 29th June and an event program below:

Monday day: Check in to Ibiza Rocks Hotel
Monday night: Full Moon Beach Club Party

Tuesday day: Ibiza Rocks Pool party
Tuesday night: Together at Amnesia

Wednesday day: Tribe Boat Party
Wednesday night: Ibiza Rocks Gig + Es Paradis Afterparty

Thursday day: Beach Sports at Ibiza Rocks Beach Front Bar
Thursday night: Enter at Space – Opening party

Friday day: Final Beach day
Friday night: Sunset & Ibiza Rocks DJ Gig – Huge DJ To Be Announced

The organisers have confirmed Together and Enter are confirmed nights. Im trying to get some info about this and if i can, i will let people know.

Tribe Line Up

Tribe: Facebook Page


Ibiza Rocks Opening 2013

The Ibiza Rocks people must have put in a bit of overtime this year as they have already announced the Headline act for the Ibiza Rocks opening 2013.

The Ibiza Rocks opening 2013 will take place on June 5th, Jake Bugg will be the headline act for the first party of the season. The Ibiza Rocks website has been updated to include all the Ibiza Rocks and W.A.R dates with the acts to be announced. The hotel will be putting gigs on till 30th September in 2013.

Now if there is one thing you can trust with Ibiza Rocks, it is to put on good acts and bands, personally, i have never heard of Jake Bugg before i looked him up today, but before i even looked him up, i had high expectations. They have always gone for emerging talent as well as experienced well-travelled bands and acts.

If you’re a little like me, you can check out his latest track below, although i had no idea who Jake Bugg was, i have heard the two songs ive put down below before so check them out.

Sound Cloud

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Ibiza Rocks Bar – Playa Den Bossa

Ibiza Rocks announced last week that they will be opening an Ibiza Rocks Bar / Dinner in Playa Den Bossa for the 2012 season. Traditionally, most things Ibiza Rocks have been in the surrounds of San Antonio.

Moving into Playa Den Bossa will raise some eyebrows and no doubt some people will moan. I personally think it would be a good move. and here is why

  1. I have openly moaned about Ibiza Rocks on here before but one thing that i do love about Ibiza Rocks Bar is the food. I dont recall having some ware reliably great to eat in PDB at good prices. Ibiza Rocks at the very minimum will provide some great food at great prices. I recommend the pancakes for breakfast!
  2. It opens up getting to Ibiza Rocks, ive only stayed in PDB at the very start of the season when not much is open so im not sure if this was put on anyway, but i will presume transport will be put on from the venue.
  3. It will provide some more pre parties. No town can have to many pre parties!

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Ibiza Rocks Radio W.A.R Takeover – 1

Tonight saw the first episode of Ibiza Rocks Radio (IRR) broadcast live on I listened to a good hour of it, and it was a great listen. Different to what i have come to expect from Ibiza Rocks after my last visit, but in a very good way! W.A.R which is We Are Rock stars, is a new night in Ibiza Rocks for 2012 and if this is a taster of whats to come, it will fast become my preferred Ibiza Rocks event!

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Ibiza Rocks 2012 Opening & Closing Parties

Ibiza Rocks have been busy for next year already as they have now announced the opening and closing parties for Ibiza Rocks for the 2012 season.

Ed Sheeran who has only released two tracks i believe will be performing for the opening party on Wednesday the 6th June 2012, for someone who hasnt really done much, he has created a massive amount of attention, 2012 will be a good .

Two Door Cinema Club will be closing the season down on the 19th September making it a 15 week season.

It has also just been revealed that Ibiza Rocks 2012 will be running two gigs a week. No more info is available at the moment but i would hazard a guess at the second night being smaller unsigned bands or even a DJ night which i believe has been mentioned some ware already.

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Ibiza Rocks 2012

2011 was a great year for the Ibiza Rocks guys, they had a great lineup of talent on during the summer and they also went all Ska with their closing party when Madness took to the stage to finish of the year. Madness playing at Ibiza Rocks fit in well with a whole host of gigs from bands, groups that you would not expect to see on the Island and it all seems to have gone down well.

Ibiza Rocks are already however, busy planning next year. The Hotel opens from the 15th May with weekly gigs taking place from the 6th June for 17 weeks. You can expect the usual top class lineup every Wednesday throughout the summer and if your staying at the hotel the your gig ticket is already included in the price.

New for 2012 are Saturday nights, if bands are not completely your thing you can go to the hotel on a Saturday to see a top class range of Dj’s playing on the main stage next to the pool. Last year, people like Annie Mac and FatBoy Slim played in the hotel, other dates that stick in my mind in the past is Stave Angello with his Size Matters party.

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