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Mambo In The Mix 2013

On the 19th September 2013, Cafe Mambo will be hosting a truly unique event for the second year running. Mambo In The Mix is an event that they put on to support the Red Cross in Ibiza and Formentera.

The event aims to raise a lot of money for charity which is a great thing but in order to raise this money, the guys at Cafe Mambo’s put on something special.

For one day only, Mabo mixes it up, the public can have the opportunity to provide the music and Dj in Mambos Dj booth, and the Dj’s server the drinks!

Last year saw the likes of Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren and Seth Troxler (to name a few) all put a shift in serving food and drinks. Its an opportunity to get a little closer to the Dj’s and even catch a word with them as your ordering your drink ­čÖé

If your In Ibiza next week, then please go down, buy a drink, make a donation, think about how much money your going to spend each day while your away, and then maybe think about the people who will benefit from money you would probably never miss.

If you can make it to the event but would like to donate, please use the following link:

Cream @ Privilege Radio 1 Weekend 2013

The last few years, Cream have had a one of party at Privilege as part of the Radio 1 weekend celebrations. Tomorrow is that night. The night will be recorded for the radio 1 essential mix.

If your heading down, here are the set times for the night.

Main Room

23.00-00.00 The Frederick
00.00-01.30 Danny Howard
01.30-03.00 Pete Tong
03.00-04.30 Eric Prydz
04.30-06.00 Hardwell
06.00 ÔÇô end James Dutton & Josh Demello

Vista Club

23.00-00.00 Monsta
00.00-01.30 Chase and Status
01.30-02.30 Zane Lowe
02.30-04.00 Benga
04.00-05.30 Mistajam
05.30-end Sean Hughes

La Vaca

00.00-01.00 Koan sound
01.00-02.30 Gorgon city
02.30-04.00 B-traits
04.00-05.30 Friction
05.30-end Anthony Probyn

Source: Facebook

Eric Morillo @ Boom Free Entry Tonight

Eric Morillo has been lighting up Ibiza for over a decade. Im not sure the whole back story to this, but as a thank you to his fans ‘during his time away’ he is throwing a free party tonight in Boom.

Entry is completely free before 3am so i would expect a large queue and a full club before 1am! If you go down, let us know what it was like.

You can see Morillo every Monday at Boom from this week till the 30th Septemebr

Erick Morillo Free Party Boom Ibiza 2013

Source: Ibiza Voice

Slash In Pacha

Nobody is out of bounds when it comes to guests, musicians, celebs performing in Ibiza these days. If Paris Hilton can have her name on a night, then anybody can.

Dirty Dutch is a night ive been to before at a festival in the UK, they had their own arena in Creamfields many years ago, unfortunately they didn’t really attract any people to the tent as when i popped my head in there were about 3 people just sat down. Since then, they have continued with their thing and the Dj’s on the label are much more well known than back in the lonely arena in Creamfields.

On Monday their special guest is Slash! I dont think i need to explain who he is, and if i do, then tough!

I would be presuming he will be playing the guitar with the music, in my head i see it being like the people who play Sax or Bongos to the music. Im personally not a big fan of the bongos or Sax in a club, for me, its good as bar music but keep it out the club!

If i was there, i wouldn’t be going, but it intrigued me enough to blog about it….. ROCK ON!!

Slash In Pacha


WTF are you doing Amnesia?

Each year, new things happen that make me really excited for Ibiza, if it falls at a time when im not there, i genuinely feel gutted if i  miss out, then there are other things that make a part of me die inside.

Amnesia is my favourite club ive ever been to. It’s responsible for the best night ive ever had in my life, it’s now also responsible for the one thing that has angered me the most since P Diddy tried to claim Ibiza as his Hood.


Paris Hilton? For me, Ibiza is about cutting edge music, people who push boundaries and throw amazing parties that are amazing for the music. It’s about going to a night because the workers are raving about it despite never hearing of it. The people who hold the biggest residencies on the island have got them through decades of work to build a reputation, just like the clubs themselves have, to then have this emailed to me is embarrassing.

I hope for the life of me she isn’t Dj’ing herself ┬ábecause she got ridiculed last time for playing a cd but pretending (very poorly) to dj herself.

By writing this blog post, im inadvertently doing what i don’t want to happen, and that’s publicize this night. I already have to battle against people thinking David Guetta is ‘That Ibiza music you like’ the last thing i want is my favourite club in the world to be ‘That club Paris Hilton played in Ibiza’

I now need to take a deep breath and repeat back to myself with what ive said to lots of people in the past ‘If you don’t like it, don’t go to it!’ ­čÖé

The track changes over while she is on the freaking mic!!!!

Space Brazil

On the 29th of December, Space Brazil will be opening its doors with Carl Cox and Josh Wink.┬áSpace┬áBrazil┬áisn’t┬ápart of a club tour, its actually going to be a Space nightclub.

If you read the spec of the club it sounds crazy and strange, the club will hold 4000 people which is similar to the Ibiza, the car park will hold 3000 cars, i presume lots of people drive to and from clubs in Brazil! Oh, and its got a hellipad, ideal for all the Dj’s to be flying in and out. The picture below makes the club look great, very Space esc, if it opens in only a couple of weeks, im not sure why they only have an artists impression of it. Maybe its not finished.

I’ve never been to┬áBrazil, but this is a part of Brazil i would love to now visit. Space of course isnt the only Ibiza brand that has made the trip to this part of the world. If your ever in Cambori├║ visiting space, you will HAVE to take a 50 minute car journey and visit Dj Gee at Bora Bora Brazil. Now ill be very upset if i needed to explain who Dj Gee was, but┬ábasically, he started Bora Bora Ibiza, and turned it into a place of legend. The place has never been the same since he left 5 years ago.


[iframe width=”520″ height=”293″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Source: Space Brazil

No Tiesto Residency in 2013

In a recent keynote speech in Australia, Tiesto revealed that he probably wont be taking up a full-time residency in Ibiza for 2013, instead probably only doing a few one-off gigs through the summer.

“Next year IÔÇÖm not sure if I can do it, because it takes a lot out of me to play there from the end of May till the end of September”

Tiesto is seen by a lot of people as one of the biggest Dj’s in the world. For my personal and ever-changing taste, Tiesto was amazing in times gone by but he hasn’t done it for me for a long time now. Hi had his own night in┬áPrivilege for a while and the place looked busy. Last year, which was a strange setup for me, he held a residency in Pacha. Love him or not, he has spent the last 10 seasons in Ibiza playing week in week out.

Will you miss Tiesto if he doesn’t play every week in 2013? My only concern, is where will all the Tiesto fans go!

check out his full keynote speech below, or check the link for’s take on the situation.

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