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January (ish) Gossip

Plastick is reconsiddering wheather to move back to their rebuilt location in the west end after a good summer in their new location (near the egg).

Gatecrasher are said to be in talks with space to host their night there which they have done before. Space is also roumoured that they have not signed any contracts for nights in 2008 because at present they are unsure of when the club is going to be open. This will probably also be the reason there has been no word out of space regarding their opening party or any other parties held there.

Pete Tong is roumoured to be upsetting the people over at Pacha, after his descition to move over to Eden in San Antonio for his own night Wounderland @ Eden 2008 it is said that he has tried to persuade the dj’s of Pure Pacha to go and play for his night instead, Im personally no suprised about this, he is going into direct competition with them so they are going to want the same dj’s to play for them.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Nights on the move

Word on the wire is that Made In Italy is moving from Friday nights to wednesday nights on the terrace at Amnesia, This would not really suprise me as at the end of last season Manumission pushed in on their show in Amnesia so it looks like they have moved nights so that Manumission can use the whole club for next season.

The second bit of gossip is that Danni Tenaglia is roumourd to have got himself a residency at space with the club night Diabolika on a Thursday.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Its All Gone Pete Tong????

According to the winter Gossip thread of Ibiza spotlight Pete Tong has upped sticks and left Pacha to host a night of his own at Eden!! Apparently the contract has been signed. For me, this is a big shock. For the reputation Pete Tong has along with the reputation Eden has amongst the big 6 clubs im really suprised he is starting his own night there. For the last 5 years Pete Tong has been the resident in one of the sexiest clubs in the world that is Pacha Ibiza. His style of music and the clientèle of pacha seemed to be a match made in heaven. Now for 2008 he will start a new night in Eden on a Friday night (Direct competition with his old night at Pacha) called Wonderland. This has been reported as fact, Now ill add a bit of gossip to the post and ask WHY??

My initial thought is mixed. He could have done it because he has had a falling out with Pacha, the night was never his own anyway, it was a night that took over from Ministry of sound and he has just always been a resident. He could be doing it purley because he wants a night to call his own, Another less attractive thought is that he is doing it for the money. Having his own night will make him a lot more money than working for someone else. Judge Jules has his own night there which is one of the busiest and most expensive nights on the island.

I personally think he has made a mistake. Eden has been the kiss of death to a few nights in Ibiza in the past. The best night in Ibiza saw the end in Eden. Godskitchen@Amnesia was an amazing night in Ibiza, after a falling out with Amnesia over the rights of the name Godskitchen went to Eden and after 1 season never returned. I feel that Pete Tong at Eden could be another night that only lasts one season. I have this feeling purely down to the fact that the type of people that would go to see Pete tong would not go to Eden.

I wish him all the best and i would even go and see what its like. lets just watch this space.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Ibiza Gossip

Ibiza has always been a good source of gossip. In the last couple of years more so than ever, this has been due to the Council in Ibiza clamping down on the party side of the island and making them stick to a few rules. Some of these rumours are a little old but as this is a new site I will start with some things that have happened since the closing last year.

Amnesia are set to take on the Defected night instead of pasha and also Daft Punk are rumoured to be residents for 2008 but it has not been said who for. (cream maybe?)

Space is in the rumour mill as Yo****oshi and Danni Tenaglia are said to have residencies.

The Ibiza government could be demolishing six restaurants in Ses Salines and Es Cavallet including Guarana, Jockey club, Sa Trinxa, Malibu, El Chiringuito and Chiringay. This is because they were built illegally and the government want to protect the sand dunes. The word spreading round is that they will be demolished but having a read round one person pointed out that because they don’t meet building specifications then they could be changed to comply and not need to be demolished. I personally hope they don’t have to be demolished.

Heaven in Ibiza has been closed down. The police have sealed the doors and the owner has accepted an offer for the club to sell it to be redeveloped as flats. They are now looking for a new place for a club in the Playa Den Bosa area.

Please note i have tagged this as Gossip because that is all it is, I am not passing any information on in this post as fact.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight