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Ibiza Diary (Coming Next Week)

This is a quick blog pre next weeks diary entries. No doubt whatever we got up to over there next week will provide some insight into the island and of course our silly raver heads but I just wanted to outline what our battle plans were so if anyone has a special interest in a place they can tune in to see what the place is like from a true consumers point of view. No DJ favortism, music mag bias, snotty journalist write up, just pure 100% how it is gonna be for YOU or rather how it was for me and my merry band of trance warriors, techno kids and minimal yeads!!

We have made a commitment to each other to have it as large as humanly possible and I promise you all that I will bring describe it to you in as much delicious detail as I (legally) can!!

The definates are Circo Loco @ DC10, Be @ Space, Cream @ Amnesia, Zoo Project. I am of course allowing for a few nights of spontaneity to see where the island takes me. I will also try to check out Sankeys and feel that I have missed out on the Fiesta del Agua in the past so will try to write up what a night at that landmark party is like.

If your interested in any of these then check out my Ibiza diary next week…

Peace, Love and Techno

One Week To Go…

Only one week to go and I can barely contain myself, this time next week we will have touched down on the white isle and begun with the fun and fiesta’s!The wait is killing me, its been a long time coming and summer can truely begin! What makes the wait even more difficult is that my girlfriend flies out on Tuesday, this week is definately going to be a long one!

The 5 of us in my party have spent the last week organising which nights we intend to go and what will be the best way to get tickets, time constraints of our flights have led us down the route of pre booking tickets before we go (a first for all of us).

We have been using Spotlight and the Spotlight app to book and I must say that the prices are good and the claims they make about being able to get in on their guestlist when we get there have proven more than persuasive. It also states that only through them can you be guaranteed entry and not just before a certain time. I will update on my return whether these claims are true or false.

Price-wise the Spotlight app is pretty competative, I have heard a number of fantastical stories about cheaper entry and guestlists left right and centre but none of any real substance. Hopefully Spotlight will come through for us and if so will have made our afternoon and early evening ticket hunting time redundant allowing for more beer and bouncy house music and that can only be a good thing!

Peace, Love and Techno



29 more sleeps…

Its just over 4 weeks now until we fly out and with the Cream opening party kicking off tonight it seems apt that I post my second blog. All those jammy mofo’s are over there now, sun going down and all there night is going to entail now is 8 or 9 hours of deep tech trickery and massive trance monsters from PVD and co!! A night of lazers, hands in the air, walls of sound, ice blasts, hugging strangers, indoor sunnies and out and out Creamy goodness!! Jealous!!

So they all get to smash it to the sounds of John O’Callaghan and I write to you from my appartment in Manchester, I may not be there in person but I am certainly there in spirit (thank god my girlfriend loves techno too). Daily texts between the lads are flowing with excitement for when we go and we are counting down the days, holiday clothes are being bought and an untold amount of sit ups are being painstakingly ploughed through! The rituals have started, podcasts downloaded to keep up on the summer bangers, calenders checked and re-checked to make sure we hit the clubs we want and catch the tunes we need,  the websites and rumour room scoured and verified to make sure we are with the cool and sexy, young and trendies! We WILL get the most out of our time!!

I really urge everyone who reads this blog and is making a pilgrimage this summer to do everything that is in your power to take one new person with you this year, I will personally buy a return flight for anyone who isnt 100% hooked after one night!

Peace, Love and Techno…




2009 Gossip

The seasons not over yet but there is a bit of gossip going on about next year already… Dont you just love it!

Firstly, the Sweedish House Mafia are wanting to hold a night at Pacha next year, If they are anything like they were at Creamfields this year then this night will be straight out of the top drawer.

The last roumour, which is probably the biggest suprise is that Subliminal are looking to move away from Pacha! Change of scenery, fallout who knows. i will keep my eye out for this as Amnesia is roumoured to be its new home.

As with any roumours this early its hard to say. Things in Ibiza can happen in a second, Personally it i would see it being odd having Subliminal at Amnesia, not that i wouldnt like to see it. I could see it being on the Terrace and with the new terrace they put in this year maybee thats the new main room? I wouldnt be suprised if the terrace was now used as the main room and the “inside” as the second room.

As ive said, who knows, ill be keeping my ar to the ground in anticipation!

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Noel Gallagher sells his Ibiza Villa

It has been reported recently that Noel Gallagher is selling his villa in Ibiza because he dosent want to live near James blunt!! Noel has said that he is sick of James Blunt talking about Ibiza like he ownes the place so he has put his villa up for sale which is close to Jame’s villa, He has also said he cant stand the thought of James Blunt writing crap songs so close to him!

Source: Fametastic

To Trance Or Not to Trance

The latest gossip for today is that Armada will not carry on with their night in Amnesia but Armin will play for cream. Im a bit gutted about this because I thought Armada was a really good night. The music was always really good the tickets prices didn’t sting too much and it was never as packed as cream.

The second rumour is about Tiesto, Word has it that Tiesto will take up a residency at Privilege this summer, His couple of nights he did last year were a great success and it sounds like he is responding to that.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

More Trouble for DC10

It has been reported in a newspaper in Ibiza that the owner of DC10 could face jail for ‘failing to obay a council order’. The order that he apparently ignored was an order by the council that meant he could not open for the DC10 closing party in 2006 and also for DC10’s party on new years day 2006. If the order was ignored the owner faced a penalty of €1500. The owners defence is that he had the parties and paid the fine which was given as a punishment for having the parties.

The council haven’t seen it this way and he could now face 1 year in prison for his actions. As it has been said in the source of this story 1 year in prison seems a very harsh punishment for throwing a couple of parties especially after he has already paid the fine. Im not familiar with spanish law but from an outsiders perspective it seems like they have changed the rules just for him which would fit in with the roumour that the powers that be in Ibiza are doing anything they can to try and stop the party at DC10.

Source: Ibiza Voice