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Ibiza Rocks Overload!!!

Last week i spent all my hard earned money in Ibiza, i stayed in San Antonio because the hotel was nice and cheap 🙂
Part of our week away was to take in Ibiza Rocks on the Wednesday, I’m not a massive fan of indie / rock but i do enjoy my trips to Ibiza rocks. In small amounts i have a good time and then get back to what i love the most which is more dance / electronic orientated music.
This year it quickly became apparent that the guys behind Ibiza Rocks had gone into overdrive to push the brand and the night out. They have the Hotel, Bar, House, Boat and after party in Es Paradis!

All this is fair enough however one of the first things i noticed was Ibiza Rocks bar, as i said i wasn’t in San An last year and i didn’t really take in the news that Bar M had been re branded. Bar M was a great bar. In the daytime they played relaxing but great music, i feel the food they have got in that bar is spot on! I would almost go as far as to say you get to much food, i would always recommend the spicy wings!!

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29 more sleeps…

Its just over 4 weeks now until we fly out and with the Cream opening party kicking off tonight it seems apt that I post my second blog. All those jammy mofo’s are over there now, sun going down and all there night is going to entail now is 8 or 9 hours of deep tech trickery and massive trance monsters from PVD and co!! A night of lazers, hands in the air, walls of sound, ice blasts, hugging strangers, indoor sunnies and out and out Creamy goodness!! Jealous!!

So they all get to smash it to the sounds of John O’Callaghan and I write to you from my appartment in Manchester, I may not be there in person but I am certainly there in spirit (thank god my girlfriend loves techno too). Daily texts between the lads are flowing with excitement for when we go and we are counting down the days, holiday clothes are being bought and an untold amount of sit ups are being painstakingly ploughed through! The rituals have started, podcasts downloaded to keep up on the summer bangers, calenders checked and re-checked to make sure we hit the clubs we want and catch the tunes we need,  the websites and rumour room scoured and verified to make sure we are with the cool and sexy, young and trendies! We WILL get the most out of our time!!

I really urge everyone who reads this blog and is making a pilgrimage this summer to do everything that is in your power to take one new person with you this year, I will personally buy a return flight for anyone who isnt 100% hooked after one night!

Peace, Love and Techno…




Circoloco New Era Opening Party @ DC10

48 hours ago Circo Loco arrived back in Ibiza! DC10 opened its doors at midday for what should be a full season in one of the most spoken about nights in Ibiza.

On the roundabout and road going to DC10 there was a heavy police presence with lots of cars and bikes being pulled over and searched, i know police have had a presence outside before but i’ve never seen anything like that before in Ibiza.

Arriving at the club there wasn’t any queues outside so we walked straight in. As soon as you got in it was rammed, the outside bar area was busy but manageable. We headed to the inside room first off as they wasn’t allowing people on the terrace because it was already full, The main room was also very busy but there was enough room to get into the night.

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Cocoon Review By Nostrum

Nostrum made a really good review of the first sold out night on the island for 2008 which was Cocoon. Carl Cox made an appearance but didnt play and the club closed its doors because it was full!

it’s already a few days ago, but still, here’s a short review from last monday’s cocoon at amnesia…

we arrived at around 130am and the guestlist queue was impressive. ticket holders got in quite fast though. the line-up was sven väth and extrawelt (live) in the main room and loco dice plus marco carola on the terrace. as i had been almost only to the terrace when i went to cocoon this year, i thought we’d go to the main room this time for a change. sven was already playing, the main room was already very busy. at 2am, extrawelt did their one hour live act. they had their pc’s, synth’s and much more equipment in the middle of the main room on that podium which i thought was brilliant. do you remember their 2006 biggies “titelheld” and “soopertrack”? they played them both and more cool stuff, of course. at 3am, sven was back in the dj booth and had a famous visitor in the box aswell: carl cox. but it was only sven who played. generally, i am not the biggest fan of sven väth, but that night he really rocked the main room. by 3am, the main room was really full, but surprisingly it never got as bad as the terrace. when we shortly went over, we noticed how super-duper-packed the terrace was! i think the terrace at cocoon is the new main room in a way, it’s the busiest room and also both vip’s were VERY busy! friends who stayed on the terrace were raving about how good loco dice and marco carola were!

one advise for people going to cocoon this year: come EARLY. last monday they closed the guestlist at some point (some people waited for more than an hour anyway to get in through guestlist) and a bit later they also generally stopped people entering – it was the first sold-out event this summer! and now with august beginning, i think it will keep being like this for the next weeks. so don’t arrive only at 3am, come around 1am, find your spot on the dancefloor and enjoy…

re afterhours: there are still afterhours happening. no official cocoon-ones, but various smaller ones…sometimes with cocoon-people appearing or even playing, many though just in a private house/villa or in a small bar in town…

Source: Nostrum Ibiza Spotlight

We Love, Cocoon & Armada Opening – Review

Nostrum has been busy clubbing again (not that im gealous one bit!!!!!) in the best clubs in the world. Here are his reviews on his last three ventures into clubland!

We Love Opening

I arrived at around 10pm and directly headed to the sunset terrace to enjoy the last two hours on this floor. After only a minute, I already dropped into friends who told me the terrace didn’t really get into swing until 7pm, but when I arrived, the atmosphere on the terrace was exactly how I knew it from earlier years and how it basically just should be! Tom Novy had just taken over the decks after Jason Bye (and before him it had been Jonathan Ulysses who apparently was really really good). Novy played a solid set with some new stuff (from which I don’t know all the names yet, I’m sorry…) as well as some new remixes from Robert Miles’ “Children”, Snap’s “Rhythm is a dancer”, a new housey/electro-ey remix from an old trance track I can’t name right now. (went properly off on the terrace!) as well as Oxia’s “Domino” and he closed with a house remix of “Love is in the air”. These two hours went by flying and I really had a great time! The vibe…the people (hi Babs and Tom, hi Austrian gang, hi everyone else!)…it’s just good to have the sunset terrace sessions back!!!

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Wounderland @ Eden Opening – Review

You heard Pete tong on the radio, you heard Groove Armada play the essental mix, Now hear what Nostrum has to say about it!!!

wonderland opening, fri june 13

first off, i have to say we were only there for an hour or so, to have a look and a drink. i was quite tired and looking at the programme of the next days, i simply wanted to save my energies for other nights. but anyway, here’s the score – when we were there (between about 2am and 3:30am), groove armada were playing in the main room (and afterwards tong would have closed the night). the club was busy, the main dance floor really busy, but the venue wasn’t at full capacity. that’s no surprise though because neither cream opening the night before was packed – the island’s just not full yet. i am sure wonderland will be a success this summer, many people follow tong to eden and he really brings great guests this season. so the 3 big nights on friday will be wonderland, pure pacha and manumission. as for “wonderland or pure pacha?” i’d say: venue-wise, i personally think i’d stick to pure pacha because i just like pacha more than eden. music-wise though, i’d check the lineups (which are really good for both parties) and just decide which dj’s i’d prefer to see!

Source: Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight