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MYNC @ Bora Bora August 2012

Bora Bora IS Ibiza to a lot of people…. Well it used to be, In the late 90’s and the early 00’s Bora Bora built its name as the ultimate Ibiza destination, Sun Sea Sand and amazing tunes played all day long on the beach, the idealistic day in Ibiza didn’t get any better.

Over the last 5 years however, for various reasons Bora Bora has been through a lul. The spark had been extinguished, people have still been going and loving it, but for people who remember it pre 2007, it had lost the spark that made it extra special.

But this season, things are looking up, Bora Bora has started to catch my attention again, i don’t live in Ibiza, so if something catches my attention, it’s not because ive walked past it, it’s because people are talking about it, which means it’s getting good again because for the last few years people haven’t been talking about Bora Bora

In steps MYNC presents Cr2 Live And Direct  @ Bora Bora, Finally, something to make you raise an eyebrow, a reason to go to Bora Bora because something great is happening not just because they pay someone to walk round in a spiderman suit. If you’re not sure, Cr2 are the label behind the Space Ibiza CD and this seasons Cafe Mambo CD. They are broadcasting from Bora Bora each month and they are making a party people are paying attention to.

This Month, they are at Bora Bora on Wednesday the 15th August With special guest Fat Boy Slim straight from his performance from the Olympic games. I Hope he comes on that giant octopus!

Check out Felix Da Housecat’s set from the June party this year on Soundcloud

And also check out the video on Youtube

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Ibiza Diary (Coming Next Week)

This is a quick blog pre next weeks diary entries. No doubt whatever we got up to over there next week will provide some insight into the island and of course our silly raver heads but I just wanted to outline what our battle plans were so if anyone has a special interest in a place they can tune in to see what the place is like from a true consumers point of view. No DJ favortism, music mag bias, snotty journalist write up, just pure 100% how it is gonna be for YOU or rather how it was for me and my merry band of trance warriors, techno kids and minimal yeads!!

We have made a commitment to each other to have it as large as humanly possible and I promise you all that I will bring describe it to you in as much delicious detail as I (legally) can!!

The definates are Circo Loco @ DC10, Be @ Space, Cream @ Amnesia, Zoo Project. I am of course allowing for a few nights of spontaneity to see where the island takes me. I will also try to check out Sankeys and feel that I have missed out on the Fiesta del Agua in the past so will try to write up what a night at that landmark party is like.

If your interested in any of these then check out my Ibiza diary next week…

Peace, Love and Techno

Judgement Sundays 2011

Judgement Sundays is another one of those nights that have been in Ibiza a very long time. This year will mark 11 years in Ibiza for Judge Jules and the Judgement Sundays night.

Over the past 10 years, Judge Jules has worked very hard to keep his nights exciting and fresh, he has been the first to support people like Eddie Halliwell through his nights in Ibiza and he has also been known to play two sets a night with the second set being a house set in the back room.

Judgement Sunday line-ups are always guaranteed to be energetic, if you see a trance DJ on the line-up, then expect the harder edged trance to be played. In the past you have had a wide range of Dj’s from Ferry Corstan to Scott Project, to Sander Van Doorn and Lisa Lashes.

If you want to check out the Judge he will be opening the doors on the 5th June for the summer. If you’re not going to the club, then check out the Judgement Sundays pre party which are always worth a visit.

5th June *Opening Party*

Main Room:
Judge Jules
Cosmic Gate
Tristan D
Vicky Devine

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Aphrodisiacs / Pushca Pool Party

On september the 4th, the hotel Es Vive will play host to the Aphrodisiacs / pushca pool party. Please have a read of the press release below, i especially like the rule “all men must be accompanied by at least one woman”, that rule alone would be enough reason for me to go!!

Two of the best clubbing brands in the world come together for a weekend of disco dancing in the sun on Saturday 4th September. Expect a whole host of retro glamour and disco delights to keep you dancing all day and night…

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No Meganite Ibiza in 2010

I have no more details on this apart from what has just come through on Mauri Picotto’s twitter page.

They have decided after 6 years not to continue with Meganite not only in Privilege but in Ibiza. They will be trying out something new with their label Alchemy.

Mauro Picotto has always done well in Ibiza without always being the buzz night on the island. When he played at Godskitchen @ Amnesia it was guaranteed a packed house. He moved on from their to start Meganite in Privilege, a brave move with a venue so big but they made it work and over the coming years the area got bigger and bigger.

There may be no more Meganite but you can always count on Mauro to put on a party and im sure his new labels night will be a night you cant afford to miss.

Source: Facebook

After Hours Raided

A big thing was made earlier this year about after hours clubs not being aloud to operate and this has effected clubs like space and DC10 (if it was open).

However it seems that the after hours scene is still alive and partying! a few reports from people who have been to the island have said that now they are banned there is a lot more advertising for them, they are not in the main stream clubs they are still happening in small bars and villas around the island.

However the police are making an attempt to stop them. El Club in Ibiza town has for the last 2 weeks been operating as an after hours venue but this week it was raided at 10am, a few people were arrested and the owner was fined. In another story the La Troya after party was raided by police who brought along a TV crew, however after the police left the party continued further down the road!

So it sounds like the after hours are definitely there if you can get to them!

Filthy Gorgeous

FILTHY gorgeous Ibiza 2008

Half way through the summer, and with great parties hosted so far at Space, Eden, Grial and Azucar, it has already been an amazing season so far for FILTHY gorgeous… but their not finished yet

FILTHY gorgeous @ Space

FILTHY gorgeous have landed 2 dates at one of the worlds best clubs, Space hosting the El Salon at one of their most popular nights, ‘Carl Cox & Friends’. Last Tuesday Fg residents Scott Martin, Jamie Gittins, Sean Hughes, Daniel Lopez & Lee Rands joined Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier & Elio Riso on a very packed and special night at Space.

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