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Flights Page Update

Ive updated my Ibiza Flights page now so ive given a rough guide as to how much flights are costing this year using two of the big flights websites. I personally think that some of the prices are way to high on especially from places like Leeds Bradford aiport, however there are some flights available from £80 return which is a good price.

Ive given these prices as a guide though they ar all correct when i posted them. If you shop about im sure you will be able to find some good prices for this years trip 🙂

RyanAir Are Not Playing Ball

It was brought to my attention in an earlier post about Ryanair flying to Ibiza throughout the winter. However it seems they have upset The people and the Balearic Government by not applying residents discount on internal spanish flights.

Ryanair fly between Ibiza and mainland of Spain and its a little known fact that if you are a resident then you get discount flights. However Ryanair have not bothered giving discounts which has landed them in a bit of a situation. Other airlines have made complaints about this because they all do give the discounts and now one councillor has called for Ryanair to loose its licence to be able to operate in Spanish airports.

Ryanair have obviously seen what they see as a gap in the market as with the current financial situation they wouldn’t be expanding if they didn’t think they would make money out of it. Residents discounts will have been something they have always been aware of and i think its very cheeky to barge in and do what they have done. Lets hope they sort it out so people can have a direct winter flight and the residents are not hard done by!

Source: The Ibiza Sun

How to book Ibiza

Now i know you people are not stupid, anyone can go and book a holiday, i thought i would give people a guide on how to do it without just walking into a travel agent and handing over your hard earned cash!! If you shop around you can save hundreds. Now it can be a scary thing but booking flights and accommodation separately is the way to do it. Doing it this way means you don’t have a coach waiting for you and you don’t have a rep but i think they are things i can live without. The airport in Ibiza is not far from the main resorts so jumping in a taxi wont break the bank.

I looked up a two week holiday in San Antonio on the first choice website. I picked a hotel and flights for this example that you can find separate on this site. The hotel is the Poniente in San Antonio near Kanya. For the example i have priced it for 4 people to fly from Luton at the beginning of June.

First Choice Price = £1246.64 (£311 each) Link

My Price = £685.72 (£171.43 each)

thats a saving of £560.92 between 4 people or £140.23 each!

Here is how its done. Firstly i used a website called Alpharooms to book the accommodation (info on the Ibiza Accommodation page.) This cost £434.00 for 4 people sharing a 2 bedroom apartment. The website is really good and one i use. All you need to check in to your hotel is the confirmation email.

Secondly i found flights from Luton on (info on my Ibiza Flights page) These flights were priced at £62.93 each . That gives a total of £251.72 for 4 people. Add the flights and accommodation prices together and you have a total of £685.72.

Its really that simple!

(all prices were correct when this was posted)

Cheap Ibiza Flights

Having a look today i have found some good deals on flights to Ibiza. Flying from Luton to Ibiza you can get there for £62.93 per person return. This is a great price but im sure flights like this will sell out fast. check out or Ibiza Flights page for other flights.

The price in this post was correct on the 14th December 2007