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Ibiza Diary (Coming Next Week)

This is a quick blog pre next weeks diary entries. No doubt whatever we got up to over there next week will provide some insight into the island and of course our silly raver heads but I just wanted to outline what our battle plans were so if anyone has a special interest in a place they can tune in to see what the place is like from a true consumers point of view. No DJ favortism, music mag bias, snotty journalist write up, just pure 100% how it is gonna be for YOU or rather how it was for me and my merry band of trance warriors, techno kids and minimal yeads!!

We have made a commitment to each other to have it as large as humanly possible and I promise you all that I will bring describe it to you in as much delicious detail as I (legally) can!!

The definates are Circo Loco @ DC10, Be @ Space, Cream @ Amnesia, Zoo Project. I am of course allowing for a few nights of spontaneity to see where the island takes me. I will also try to check out Sankeys and feel that I have missed out on the Fiesta del Agua in the past so will try to write up what a night at that landmark party is like.

If your interested in any of these then check out my Ibiza diary next week…

Peace, Love and Techno

Ibiza Rocks Overload!!!

Last week i spent all my hard earned money in Ibiza, i stayed in San Antonio because the hotel was nice and cheap ūüôā
Part of our week away was to take in Ibiza Rocks on the Wednesday, I’m not a massive fan of indie / rock but i do enjoy my trips to Ibiza rocks. In small amounts i have a good time and then get back to what i love the most which is more dance / electronic orientated music.
This year it quickly became apparent that the guys behind Ibiza Rocks had gone into overdrive to push the brand and the night out. They have the Hotel, Bar, House, Boat and after party in Es Paradis!

All this is fair enough however one of the first things i noticed was Ibiza Rocks bar, as i said i wasn’t in San An last year and i didn’t really take in the news that Bar M had been re branded. Bar M was a great bar. In the daytime they played relaxing but great music, i feel the food they have got in that bar is spot on! I would almost go as far as to say you get to much food, i would always recommend the spicy wings!!

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Hed Kandi @ Es Paradis 2011

In 2011 Hed Kandi is set to re create the hedonistic debauchery that once ruled the world clubbing world. With a mix of entertainers and studio 54 inspired roller girls, Hed Kandi will be the familiar hands in the air tunes mixed with the classics of disco.

Hed Kandi will be running this year for 17 weeks starting on June 4th.

Source: Facebook

Es Paradis Opening 2011

The 20th May will see the opening of Es Paradis for the summer season.

Es Paradis¬†hasn’t¬†been at the forefront of people’s clubbing plans since the days of Clockwork Orange which is a great shame, Inside it’s an amazing place to party and it has a lot to offer, i try to make a visit whenever i can especially if i am with friends that have never been to Ibiza before, Its¬†definitely¬†a club everyone should see.

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Ibiza Rocks After Show Party 2011

This year the Ibiza Rocks after show party will be held in Es Paradis on Wednesdays.

Ibiza Rocks is held every Wednesday in 2011 at the Ibiza Rocks hotel, after every gig, there is an after show party, in the past it was Reclaim The Dancefloor, for 2011 it seems to be the Ibiza Rocks after show party.

Everyone who goes to the Ibiza Rocks hotel for the gig will get free entry to Es Paradis for the after party if they go before 1:30am.

No word yet on the residents for 2011 but you can expect big names to be entertaining.

Source: Facebook

Win a VIP Table for Es Pardis Water Party

Es Pardis have been very active lately generating interest in the 2011 season. On their Facebook page they are giving everyone the chance to win a VIP table to any water party in 2011.

All you have to do is go to the Facebook Page and tell them what you love the most about Es Paradis.

The winner will be announced on valentine’s day.

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Win A VIP Trip To Head Kandi Closing

I am often asked if i will write blog posts promoting companies and various other things and generally i¬†don’t¬†bother, i¬†don’t¬†usually feel like they would be adding¬†anything¬†to the blog and if¬†anything¬†they would probably turn people away from reading the blog.

However, i think this is different and it would be really good if you won it.

Hed Kandi and Last have teamed up to offer a prize they say ‘Money Can’t Buy’. The winner and three of their friends will be flown to Ibiza for three days in a private jet and will be put up in the 5 star Insotel Fenicia Prestige Thalasso Spa.

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