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  • Jun 23

    The Ibiza summer season is coming along very nicely so far this year. Tonight is the second party for Cream @ Amnesia and it is the first date of the summer for Eddie Halliwell.

    Eddie is no stranger to Ibiza any more, Supported well by Judge Jules in the beginning Eddie has been playing Ibiza for many years and over that time, his playing style has evolved and matured.  When he first started out he played hard and looped a hell of a lot! He became a Dj i loved then didn’t really bother with too much, however, i paid a visit to see him last year at Creamfields and found myself really loving what he was playing.

    Eddie is now playing a mix of tech house, trance and techno at the moment and from speaking to people i know the general theme is that Eddie has everyone loving him again.

    This summer you will be hearing Eddie play at Cream on Thursdays as well as Judgement Sundays. On the 18th August, Eddie will be hosting his ED-IT performance from the terrace in Amnesia.

    If you want to hear a bit of Eddie, check out the free mix on his website recorded for his 100th radio show live from Sankeys in Manchester FREE MIX

    Eddies Dates:

    Cream @ Amnesia
    23rd June
    7th July
    14th July
    28th July
    11th August,
    18th August (ED-IT Terrace Exclusive)
    8th September

    Judgement Sundays @ Eden
    17th July
    7th August (Radio 1 Party)
    18th September

    [iframe width=”520″ height=”326″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Lj2v8o5ckQQ?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

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  • Jun 8

    Judge Jules kicks of his residency with Judgement Sundays in Eden.

    [iframe width=”520″ height=”326″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/hVb3RJwY7ps” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

  • Mar 24

    Judgement Sundays is another one of those nights that have been in Ibiza a very long time. This year will mark 11 years in Ibiza for Judge Jules and the Judgement Sundays night.

    Over the past 10 years, Judge Jules has worked very hard to keep his nights exciting and fresh, he has been the first to support people like Eddie Halliwell through his nights in Ibiza and he has also been known to play two sets a night with the second set being a house set in the back room.

    Judgement Sunday line-ups are always guaranteed to be energetic, if you see a trance DJ on the line-up, then expect the harder edged trance to be played. In the past you have had a wide range of Dj’s from Ferry Corstan to Scott Project, to Sander Van Doorn and Lisa Lashes.

    If you want to check out the Judge he will be opening the doors on the 5th June for the summer. If you’re not going to the club, then check out the Judgement Sundays pre party which are always worth a visit.

    5th June *Opening Party*

    Main Room:
    Judge Jules
    Cosmic Gate
    Tristan D
    Vicky Devine

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  • Mar 8

    In a move that may not bother many, Clubland has upped sticks and moved to Eden. Clubland has been a firm resident of Es Paradis for many years now though im sure i have a recollection of Clubland taking over from Ministry of sound in Eden, i may have just fabricated this though!

    I’ve never been myself, but watching video’s the club always seems to be busy on a Clubland night which is good to see and although some people may ever give it the time of day, they did seem to get a lot of acts in last year.

    Moving on to 2011 and they will be taking over Eden on a Tuesday night.

    Check out the video below for a review of the 2010 season

    7th June Opening Party
    Professor Green
    Friday Night Posse
    Mc Domino

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  • Aug 19

    Check out the recent episode of Wonderland Tv featuring Afro Jack, Aeroplane and Annie Mac, Three names that are making waves recently, Aeroplane did their first essential mix just before the summer and then promptly Split up with one of the duo keeping the name aeroplane. Annie Mac has had a following for a long time now, however it was only really last year in 2009 that she had her face on the bill boards of Ibiza when she played the Terrace of Cream @ Anmesia. I’m a little surprised that she hasn’t featured more this year ion Ibiza, Next year i would expect to see her Annie Mac Presents night appear somewhere on the island, weather its its own night or the back room of another night, either way i think it would go down well. Check out this episode of Wonderland TV.

    Source: Youtube

  • May 19

    Ibiza can be unforgiving, if you have a night people don’t want, then people wont go to it! Its not often a night can stick around if its not a night lots of people go to. Twice as Nice has been present in Ibiza for long enough to expect it to be there every year, They have floated round a couple of clubs but ultimately, its a night people are going to. I put it like this because traditionally, Twice as Nice don’t represent the stereotype that is the Ibiza music scene.

    This year Twice as Nice will take Thursdays at Eden and they also have a bar in the West End called 2Nice that will be open 7 day’s a week. I cant really comment on the line-up because i don’t have a clue who any of them are! If R&B is what your into, why not give me your opinion on this years line-up.

    Thursday 10th June – OPENING PARTY
    Scottie B (Award Winning / MTV Base)
    Dr Psycho (Twiceasnice / Surgery)
    Killa Kutz (Twiceasnice)

    Hosted By:
    MC Harvey (TV Personality)
    MC ‘Ayia Napa’ Ibz
    Minx (Vibe Honeyz)

    ***Exclusive Live PA***
    Skepta (Too Many Man / Sunglasses At Night Plus More)

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  • Eden 2010 Lineup

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    May 6

    The Eden website has shown the full weeks lineup for 2010. The last time i felt scared was when Ibiza Rocks appeared in an 18-30 type brochure. That turned out ok. A few years on and i find myself a little bit scared again! Mondays at Eden are down as Nuts. Thats Nuts the Uk lads magazine. I have nothing against them, but i cant see what they are going to do in Eden. I’m just praying it’s not going to be nights with the likes of the people from Jackass. If your from Nuts, why not drop me a line and enlighten us 🙂

    The rest of the week feels like an old friend! Reclaim the dance floor is on Wednesdays with Wonderland returning for its 3rd season after moving from Pacha. Twice as Nice is providing a night a little different from your average music policy for Ibiza and i don’t even need to mention Sundays.

    Monday – Nuts Magazine
    Tuesday – Garlands
    Wednesday – Reclaim The Dancefloor
    Thursday – Twice As Nice
    Friday – Wonderland
    Saturday – Mondo Loco
    SundayJudgement Sundays

    Source: Eden

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