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Luchiano @ Ushuaia – CANCELLED

Ibiza clubbing  has been through a rough time in the last few years, daytime parties cancelled, DC10 shut down, and dare i say it, nothing really exciting people on mass.

Then, last year Luchiano started playing in a nice beach bar in PDB named Ushuaia. It’s not a place i went to visit last year but over the close season it was a night that was spoken about a lot. This year i was lucky enough to be at the Ushuaia opening this year and WOW, what a party. Luchiano and Reeboot played the opening and they continued with the Sunday parties using them as a pre party for their Cadenza night at Pacha. Continue reading Luchiano @ Ushuaia – CANCELLED

Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo is found next door to the legendary Cafe Del Mar on the sunset strip, Opened in 1994 Cafe mambo which was once an derelict house has become a prevailing force on the Ibiza scene. Loved by locals and celebrated by tourists cafe mambo has become a mecca for the best Dj’s in the world including Pete tong, Frankie knuckles The S man and many more that have all played there for free!

Continue reading Cafe Mambo

Bora Bora Opening 2008

Bora Bora will be opening this year on May 30th. The popular beach bar attracts people from far and wide for some table dancing in the sun! Many people organise accommodation so they can be close by so if you are in the area and fancy a party on the beach then get down to Playa Den Bossa.

Oliver Lang
Alex Miles
Gordon Edge
Heath Holme
Will Johnston

These Dj’s will be playing on rotation throughout the summer.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Ibiza Bars – The Orange Corner

The Orange Corner is again located in San Antonio and is the first of the 3 bars you come across walking towards Bar M. The Orange Corner is not as popular as its neighbour buit dont let that take anything away for you. The orange corner know how to party in an afternoon! You will often find people dancing in the sun on an afternoon at The Orange Corner! You will find pre partys here but the best part of this bar has been when they have had partiers for smaller clubs. Promoters of smaller clubs have been able to go over and throw a party in the bar ( hence the day time parties)

Its always good to check out when you are there so make sure you do! Any listings will be posted here.

Ibiza Bars – Bar M

You will find Bar M in San Antonio not far from the egg. Bar M is owned by the same people who put on Manumission and Ibiza Rocks. it is nestled between to other great bars but firmly sets itself as the place to go between the three of them. During the day time you can hire a sun bed in front of the bar and listen to some decent tunes letting the world go by as you recover from the night before! you can get food from the Nando’s they have in the bar and of course beer from the bar!

In the evening Bar M changes to a cool party venue, it attracts people from all over the island as well as some great pre parties. You can expect to see the cream and judgement Sunday’s pre party’s here as well as manumissions (obviously!) One of the down sides to this bar is its popularity, you can often find it hard to move round without having to squeeze your way through a crowd and if you find yourself a seat then you have done well!

I don’t have any specifics on which pre parties are being held here this year but as soon as i do i will put them down here.

Bars In Ibiza

So far in my blog i have only really been giving out information about the clubs in Ibiza and what nights are on when. Primarily this is because it’s this information people use the most when booking their holiday. The clubs are only part of the night life in Ibiza. The bars in Ibiza are also centre stage when it comes to your holiday, were else are you going to get a cool beer or a funky cocktail from while you are on the beach?

The bars of Ibiza also play host to the Pre Parties for the clubs, all the popular bars have pre parties and in this blog i will also keep you informed about these. One by one, im going to write about the main bars in Ibiza that should be checked out during your visit. I will also keep you informed about which pre parties are were so keep reading 🙂