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A Mass Exodus From Pacha

2013 seems set to be a very different year in Pacha. I have already blogged recently about Tiesto not holding a residency with Pacha in 2013 with Tiesto claiming its too much to do it every year.

Yesterday Defected announced that they to will be leaving Pacha to set up camp elsewhere. Simon Dunmore said the following

Ibiza’s clubbing landscape, however, is rapidly evolving and these are exciting times. Continuing a tried and trusted formula would have been the easiest option but next summer will be our tenth on the island and our achievements last summer give us a great platform to look at the new opportunities available to us. So, to conclude, we will not be at Pacha next summer and shall announce our plans for 2013 early in the New Year.

It sounds like they have some exciting plans, and the fact that they have announced they are not in Pacha signals to me that they plans are probably confirmed.

The above are stories straight from the horse’s mouth. However, when i was first reading about this on Mixmag, they threw the following in at the end

There are also rumours circulating that Cadenza and Pete Tong are very likely to be leaving, along with David Guetta, Tiesto and Eric Prydz weekly nights possibly relocating to an alternative club.

Now, i find it hard now days to remember who played in which clubs in which years, but im pretty sure Eric Prydz did have a night in Pacha last season.

Take from the above what you will, i personally think that if five out of the seven promoters from one club are upping sticks and leaving all at the same time, then there has got to be trouble from within.

I could see Cadenza on the terrace of Amnesia or in Space, i could See Pete Tong anywhere and everywhere! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a collaboration of nights filling Privilege.

Time will tell, but it gets the brain thinking on a cold Friday afternoon!

Source: Defected Mixmag

Student Trips to Ibiza

As poor as most students are Ibiza is full of them during the summer months, i went to Ibiza most years when i was a student, i have no idea how i managed it looking back, but i did.

Fast forward to today, and now students have plenty of options to get to Ibiza for a holiday with only the spending money a potential hurdle.

Tribe Ibiza are offering a really good deal on your accommodation and events. You will need to book your own flights to get there, if you book early with your January loan it wont be to expensive!

Accommodation is in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and prices start from £220 per person with three people sharing a room. For your money you will get accommodation from the 24th to the 29th June and an event program below:

Monday day: Check in to Ibiza Rocks Hotel
Monday night: Full Moon Beach Club Party

Tuesday day: Ibiza Rocks Pool party
Tuesday night: Together at Amnesia

Wednesday day: Tribe Boat Party
Wednesday night: Ibiza Rocks Gig + Es Paradis Afterparty

Thursday day: Beach Sports at Ibiza Rocks Beach Front Bar
Thursday night: Enter at Space – Opening party

Friday day: Final Beach day
Friday night: Sunset & Ibiza Rocks DJ Gig – Huge DJ To Be Announced

The organisers have confirmed Together and Enter are confirmed nights. Im trying to get some info about this and if i can, i will let people know.

Tribe Line Up

Tribe: Facebook Page


Matinee @ Amnesia 2012 Intro

Not a night i have been to myself, the video they have made for this season though is brilliant, if only you could just fly in and hook up with hot strangers and walk round hi fiving everyone!

[iframe width=”500″ height=”281″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Together @ Amnesia 2012

After a great 2011 and a sell out weekend in London over the UK winter, Together are about to announce their Tuesday night residency in Amnesia for 2012.

Expect Eric Prydz with his Epic show, Skrillex, Nero, Fake Blood, Annie Mac maybe. When the the full lineup is announced, i will update this blog post.

Amnesia Closing Party – Video

It seems like a million years ago now, but it was only a couple of months since Amnesia closed their doors for the 2012 season. These Amnesia closing parties definitely look like the best to go to out of all the closing parties, i certainly wouldn’t complain if i found myself on the terrace in the day light listening to some quality tunes! Though it does look rather busy!

[iframe width=”520″ height=”294″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Ibiza ‘Sit Down’

If you have been to the island this year, you have probably seen it, if you are going this year, you will see it!

You may have noticed that at some point during the night, everyone sits down on the dance floor (apart from the spannered guy that doesn’t know what’s going on!) and then on queue, usually by the dj, they jump up and down being very happy!

It seems to be happening every ware this season, some times promoted by the Dj (im thinking Ibiza Rocks here) which is usually pap because you have been asked to do it, but a lot of the time, completely random, its something most people join in on and you can’t argue that it looks really good!

However, although this is sweeping dance floors in Ibiza this season, it’s not the first time it has happened! Its been going on for years in DC10 with Magda, the best and probably the first video i saw of it was in 2007!

Anyway, the rest of the island has caught on, the people from DC10 5 years ago that started it of will probably be hating it now its caught on!!
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Ibiza Diary (Coming Next Week)

This is a quick blog pre next weeks diary entries. No doubt whatever we got up to over there next week will provide some insight into the island and of course our silly raver heads but I just wanted to outline what our battle plans were so if anyone has a special interest in a place they can tune in to see what the place is like from a true consumers point of view. No DJ favortism, music mag bias, snotty journalist write up, just pure 100% how it is gonna be for YOU or rather how it was for me and my merry band of trance warriors, techno kids and minimal yeads!!

We have made a commitment to each other to have it as large as humanly possible and I promise you all that I will bring describe it to you in as much delicious detail as I (legally) can!!

The definates are Circo Loco @ DC10, Be @ Space, Cream @ Amnesia, Zoo Project. I am of course allowing for a few nights of spontaneity to see where the island takes me. I will also try to check out Sankeys and feel that I have missed out on the Fiesta del Agua in the past so will try to write up what a night at that landmark party is like.

If your interested in any of these then check out my Ibiza diary next week…

Peace, Love and Techno