Carl Cox Closing Party

Carl Cox finishes his season this year on Tuesday with the Scottish nightclub Colours hosting El Salon in space, Good reports have been coming out of Space on a Tuesday night all summer and its a shame its getting to that time of the year when nights start to pack their bags. Ive heard a lot of people not knowing what to do, weather to go to Carl Cox or go to Armada, Both great nights but Carl Cox has always won it and nobody has ever regret it.

I’m sure this closing party is going to go out with an almighty bang and if you have the opportunity to be part of it then don’t let it pass!

Angels Of Love
Hosting The Sunset Terrace With
Carl Cox

Carl Cox
Loco Dice

Inside Terrace
Evil Nine & Alex Metric

Hosting El Salon:
Jon Mancini
Giovanni Ferri
Michael Paterson
Andy King

Premier Etage:
Mr Doris

Source: Ibiza Spotlight Colours

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