Carl Cox 10 Hour Set

Tomorrow Carl Cox opens his 10th season at Space with a mammoth 10 hour set!

10 years ago, Carl Cox was king of the castle at the top of his game, 10 years on, he is still king of the castle at the top of his game! Nobody in dance music has been as consistently good and popular for such a long time, Sure people have been popular for just as long, but i don’t think anyone has been as consistently popular.

There are a few nights in Ibiza i am ashamed to say i have never been to considering the amount of times i have been to the Island and although ive seen Carl Cox at Space ive never been to his night.

If you have the opportunity, i would encourage everyone to get to space tomorrow and help be part of 10 years of Carl Cox at Space.

Not only is Carl playing for 10 hours but you could check out Yousef on the covered terrace which was amazing last time i saw him there (i believe Dance Trippin has a video of this), you can also check out Adam Sheridan in the Red box or Pukka Up in El Salon.

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