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Now im the first to admit im not the most organised person. Having to try and keep tabs on all my posts is not the easyest thing and what i have here is only the start of what i want!

If you have come accross my site and are not sure were to find what you are looking for then let me give you a helping hand.

A good start is my post named Ibiza Opening Parties 2008 In this post you will find a link to every party on the island i have wrote a post about. At the moment i have only really got club information but when it gets a bit closer i will have bar information and what pre parties are were.

Also if you are looking for a specific night you can always use the category links to the right of this post, they will list all the
news related to that nightclub. If its not a bit of club news or you just want to search for something then please youse the search box.

If you find a post about a club you like then i suggest you bookmark it. If i find out more information about a night i will not create a new story about it each time, i will go and update the original story so please keep an eye on them for updates as well.

Finally if you can be arsed doing any of that but you like what you read then why not subscribe to the site Feed. If your not sure what it is then its simple, click the feed icon below and you can subscribe to this blog and every time i post a story it will appear in your reader of choice, If you have a google account then choose google reader if not then just choose to have it as a live bookmark.

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