Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo is found next door to the legendary Cafe Del Mar on the sunset strip, Opened in 1994 Cafe mambo which was once an derelict house has become a prevailing force on the Ibiza scene. Loved by locals and celebrated by tourists cafe mambo has become a mecca for the best Dj’s in the world including Pete tong, Frankie knuckles The S man and many more that have all played there for free!

As well as all the dj’s and music Cafe Mambo has become popular for a completely natural nature, The Sunset. Everybody talks about it, songs have been made about it and the sunset is in their video’s. There really is something special about chilling out and relaxing by the sea drinking an ice cold beer while your ears are caressed by the sounds coming from the DJ booth.

Then once the sun has set it signals another night in Ibiza, At this point Cafe Mambo changes from being a sunset bar to a major player in the Ibiza nightlife. You can expect fire, lots of people and some of the best music in Ibiza!

The pre parties Cafe Mambo are throwing in 2008 are:

MON Release yourself
TUE Defected
WED Subliminal Sessions
THU F*** me i’m Famous
FRI Pure Pacha
SAT Def Mix
SUN Pacha Classics

Source: Cafe Mambo Ibiza Spotlight

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