Cadenza Showcase @ Pacha 1st Jan 2011

If you ask me what i thought the stand out night of 2010 was, i would probably say Cadenza. Luciano has always had a great following and his Cadenza night seemed to be mentioned by everyone.

I didn’t get to the night myself but i did go to the Ushuaia opening party that had the Cadenza boys playing, the amount of people who crammed the beach last night was crazy and probably why the party got stopped a couple of weeks later!!

I really expect Cadenza to play a large part of the 2011 season, id like to see a more organised pre party for people to go to (one that’s going to stay open) because when it was on, it was on!!

Cadenza in 2011 will throw one of the first parties in Ibiza, Cadenza will take over Pacha for the Cadenza showcase night which will start from 12 midnight in Pacha in Ibiza town.


Cesar Merveille
Robert Dietz
Maayan Nidam

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