BoHo 2009

BoHo is an exciting new night that is starting this year in San Antonio on May 30th. It can be found underneath the Picies Park Hotel on the Egg and it has the potential to be one of the most talked about clubs this year.

I dont think i have seen a club in Ibiza have so much exposure before it has even had its first night but with the people in charge and the nights it has lined up then there is no reason why it shouldn’t.

One of the new owners has in the past been responsible for the parties at Es Vive Hotel which people always spoke about in a good way. The club has even got Miss Moneypennys as one of the weekly nights which has upped sticks from its long standing home of El Divino’s to join Hed Kandi with the move across the island. 

Im sure ill be spending a night there when I’m over and id recommend you do the same!!

Opening Party  May 30th
Dirty Vegas
 Alex Gold
Pete Gooding
Ben Santiago

Mondays: Desert Island Disco – Opening June 1st
Nicky holloway 

Tuesdays: Bitch and Filth – Opening June 9th
Filth from leeds and Bitch from Manchester bring you Electro House 

Wednesdays: Atomik – Opening June 17th
Tidy boys 

Thursdays: Superfreq – Opening June 11th
Mr C 

Fridays: Miss Moneypennys – Opening June 5th
 Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan 

Saturdays: Swankys – Opening June 13th
Dynamite Hosts 

Sundays: Sintillate – Opening June ??
Dj Spoony 

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9 thoughts on “BoHo 2009”

  1. Hi,

    Just to let ypu know I went to Boho and to be honest the club looks really nice but that was is, I have never been in a club with so many lads looking like they had just been to Margate for bank holiday and come straight from the beach,swimming shorts and vests. Ill give the place till the end of June till they burn it down or I do ……Joke thats what the place it………….

  2. Its only early door yet, Ive not been myself yet but im sure with the people who are in charge it will find its feet,

  3. find there feet i think not….they dont even know what music direction they are going in, Nicky hollaway he was at the peak of his djing carreer when 90% of the clubbers in Ibiza where just a twitch in there dads pants……….. comon i say turn it into a bingo hall as that is the age group they are going for and dont start me on them dinamite hosts what a bunch of total c”£”ts………..

  4. lol, i take it you have the experience and the knowledge to make a nightclub in Ibiza a massive success on every night of the week from day 1?

  5. Well yeh actually i do!!! as ive worked for 1 of the biggest here for the last 6 years. So i know full well what promotion and profesionlism it takes to fill a club with so much competition on the island and i can see quite clearly that these people have got a clue. All you have to do is take a walk round San An town center to see the lack of postering etc….. oh sorry your not actually on the island so you wouldnt know would you.

  6. LOL Dave you need to chill out – I went to boho on Tuesday for Bitch and it was well good, Fergie smashed it, didn’t see any beer boys particularly??

  7. Hi Gary

    I’m there this Sat 20th June – will post what it’s like after the night out.

    Giving it a go rather than the safe option of Pacha.

    Staying at the Ibiza Rocks hotel from Friday if you fancy a beer!!

  8. Hi GJ

    unfortuanately we probably passed in the airport! Give us an Update, i didn’t get the chance to go with all the other things we already had planned

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