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Cheap Ibiza Flights

Having a look today i have found some good deals on flights to Ibiza. Flying from Luton to Ibiza you can get there for £62.93 per person return. This is a great price but im sure flights like this will sell out fast. check out or Ibiza Flights page for other flights.

The price in this post was correct on the 14th December 2007

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Something new for 2008 is something i have only just found out about. It looks like the people from Manumission are getting back into the hotel industry! 2008 will see the opening of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

The new home for the night Ibiza Rocks is in San Antonio not to far from Kanya and Coastline and will play hosts to live bands as part of the hotel entertainment on top of the weekly Ibiza Rocks event.

It could become the place to be with the introduction of restrictions to club opening times, Information is not to clear but i dont think hotels are covered by the new restrictions (ill get back on that one).

Either way im sure there will be alot of stories coming from that direction.

If you fancy staying in the Ibiza rocks hotel this year then there are a couple of ways to do it, you can use the link above or you can visit Broadwaytravel who are the main travel company associated with sending people to the Ibiza Rocks hotel.

Ive had a quick ganders and 2 people can get there for £939.00 for 2 weeks in June.

Ibiza Opening Parties 2008

This post is here to inform people of the Ibiza opening parties 2008. Traditionally Space is seen as the first of the clubs to have an opening. This usually takes place around the beginning of June. As it is really early for the 2008 dates i will present you with last years opening dates. Any date that has a * following it means it is last years. If it does not have a * then it has been confirmed for 2008.

For the closing parties please see my post Ibiza Closing Parties 2008
I will edit and keep this post updated when I find out more news so please check back and ill keep you up to date.

The information for last years opening has been collected from Ibiza Spolight For further sources click the link of the night.
* Opening Date For 2007.