Aphrodisiacs / Pushca Pool Party

On september the 4th, the hotel Es Vive will play host to the Aphrodisiacs / pushca pool party. Please have a read of the press release below, i especially like the rule “all men must be accompanied by at least one woman”, that rule alone would be enough reason for me to go!!

Two of the best clubbing brands in the world come together for a weekend of disco dancing in the sun on Saturday 4th September. Expect a whole host of retro glamour and disco delights to keep you dancing all day and night…

Aphrodisiacs and Pushca will be providing guests with a whole host of unadulterated indulgence, kicking off with a canapé brunch at luxury hotel Es Vive, followed by theCatalan Cruise boat party sailing back at Sunset. The affair climaxes with a Pool Party ‘til the early hours, with all the thrills lined up that you would expect from the Aphrodisiacs & Pushca crews, including roller girls & pole shows, poolside frolics, outdoor Jacuzzi and a special edition of Photobooth.

Be sure to expect a whole array of characters from Bambi Woods and Dirk Digger so dust off your copies of Boogie Nights and get ready for the best party on the Island. Think…Bikini’s, Sexy Swimsuits & High Heels, Speedos & Tight 70’s Trunks, Big Mustaches & Flicky Farrah Fawcett Hair, Over the Top Sunglasses & Silk Scarves, Roller Girls & Roller Boys…

House, funky techno, nu-disco/disco provided by hand-picked DJS: Tomoki Tamura (Holic), Duncan F (Puscha Malta), Joe Le Groove (Pushca London), Katya(Aphrodisiacs), Mister Shiver (Aphrodisiacs), Redz (Aphrodisiacs), Ryan Shaw (E.A.R), Simon Morell (DDD), Scott Martin (Filthy Gorgeous).

Aphrodisiacs & Pushca Present “POOL DISCO”

Saturday 4th September 12noon – 9am
Canape Brunch @ Es Vive 12 Noon
Catalan Cruise 2pm – 9pm
Pool Party @ Es Vive 9pm – LATE

Es Vive, Ibiza town & The Sea

House, funky techno, nu-disco/disco from Tomoki Tamura, Duncan F, Joe le Groove, Katya, Mister Shiver, Redz, Ryan Shaw, Simon Morell & Scott Martin

The price i have been given is in pounds and it is £45, tickets are only available online http://www.clubtickets.com/es/2010-09/04/aphrodisiacs-pushca-present-pool-disco

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3 thoughts on “Aphrodisiacs / Pushca Pool Party”

  1. why not have your own after party? I was at a villa party this year and the music sounded great, the best sound I've heard outside of a club ever. Check out http://www.ibizapa.com
    ibiza loudspeaker hire they provided a brilliant service and it really made the afternoon go off with a bang. OK, so you need the right location but with so many really cool and hidden villas on the island, it's defo possible. I think they provided the deejays too. Honest plug for a good honest and reliable service.

  2. Pity i’m not going to be there that week, would have loved to come jsut for Duncan F. He’s probably one of the clubbing industry’s best kept secrets, i saw him in malta last year, astounding dj who plays by ‘feel the crowd’ and not planned sets, and he’s bloody good too…., not many of them left unfortunately nowadays..

    enjoy folks.

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