Another blow For DC10

1 week before the grand re opening of DC10 and the authorities have delt what could be seen as the final deadly blow for DC10. They have now been ordered to close for 12 months and pay a €300,000 fine. These new fines and closure order have been imposed because the club has repeatedly knowingly broken the law by having the parties in a venue with a legal capacity of only 68 people. DC10 have 1 month to challenge the decision and if they do then it is expected they will still open this weekend till the end of the season, however the signs are that these last few parties will be the last parties DC10 may ever have so if you get the chance, Cherish them!

All of this is a blow but shouldn’t really come as a surprise for readers of my blog. I reported back in January this year in a post called DC10 to close about the issues DC10 was going to face this coming year and it seems that one by one they have become true. The sad news is that the reasons they are being closed down are the same reasons it will not open back up as the DC10 everyone is familiar with. After 12 months are they going to have parties knowing they will exceed capacity? I doubt they will some how.

I have read a lot about people blaming the authorities and saying they are targeting the club yet at the end of the day DC10 have always known the situation and i believe they have always known what will one day happen. They have made the most of it and now i feel it has been brought to an end.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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