Amnesia Opening – Review

Here is another great review from Nostrum giving us an insight of the new Amnesia terrace.

Traditionally, Amnesia is the last one of the big clubs starting the season. And traditionally, their openings and closings are huge fiestas. This year, Amnesia even started one week earlier than usually, but still the last proper opening and we were ready for it!

We arrived at the club (which will be open from 11pm all through the season) short before 2am and I went directly to the terrace, I was too curious to see how the renovated terrace looks like. Well…I personally think that, in a few years, the terrace will be the main room! First off, dont worry  its still quite the terrace you knew. They didnt change too many things (which I like, it still absolutely has the same feeling as before). What they did change is: first, the soundsystem. Wow!!! Go and experience it for yourself. Then, there is a new floor. They moved the DJ booth from the right side of the floor to the far end of the room, but the box is still almost as low as before. The camel is still there, as well as a turtle on the other side of the room. They slightly changed the bars and above the DJ booth, there is also something like a scene which will surely be used for the Manumission shows. Talking about the above part, the terrace has still a huge VIP section. I think they also made this one a bit bigger than it used to be. So far for the new terrace. Ah sure, the ice-machine and the laser shows are still there as well!

One thing that amazed me is the following fact: On the flyers, there were no DJs announced. And I knew it would be only the residents and other DJs from the Island. But still, by 3am, the club was absolutely packed and the atmosphere was great. We all had a ball, I also went to the main room (which is still the same) for a bit, but mostly stayed on the terrace. The night passed very fast and soon it got bright on the terrace. Mar-T was the last DJ playing there and he dropped many tracks we knew, EBTGs missing the new remix of rhythm is a dancer as well as Fragma “Tocas Miracle then Beachball Yeke Yeke and Greece2000. He closed with Like a child from the Junior Boys and Alter Ego Jolly Joker. When we walked out of Amnesia, I had a look at my mobile and noticed it was 11:45am!!!!

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Source: Nostrum – Ibiza Spotlight

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