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  • Amnesia Opening 2009

    Mar 2

    Along with Space; Amnesia is another opening party which has legendary status! In the past they have been known to continue long into the next day with the club staying busy. I would be very surprised if this was the case in 2009, with the change in the laws i would expect the club to close around the time it is meant to however this wont stop Amnesia’s opening party being one of the best on the island.

    The date for the opening party in 2009 is Saturday June 13th, I would expect many of the nights in amnesia to have their openings in the following week.

    Opening Party Lineup
    Brian cross
    Mar T 

    Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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2 Responses to “Amnesia Opening 2009”

  1. LUCA (ITALY) said on

    A DREAM.. 🙂

  2. Manolillo (Granada) said on

    POTENTÍSIMA!! vaya músika q buen rollo y las gogos increíbles.

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