Amnesia Closing Party 1989

If you have read my blog for long enough you will know how much i love old footage / imagery of Ibiza, It doesn’t matter who you are, the more time goes on the more you think the past is better, it’s an unfortunate fact of life!! ‘The End Of Ibiza’ has been predicted almost every year over the last 12 years ive been going. The restrictions on clubs shutting at 6am many years ago signalled the end, then the change of council toughening up on licences, that was going to finish off Ibiza, then DC10 got shut and daytime parties were stopped, that was another round of people predicting the end of Ibiza, surly there is nothing left to go for eh?

Well i still say that no change has happened in recent times that would top off the changes that were enforced when the clubs in Ibiza were forced to put a roof on their activities. For me, this would have been the change in the law that would cripple my experience of Ibiza, fortunately i was never lucky enough to experience this, i say fortunately because i don’t know what im missing out on!!

Saying all this, i do love seeing clubs without a roof on, it’s very rare that footage is put online but today i spotted a tweet from Amnesia which was a link to footage of Amnesia closing party in 1989! The footage is come from and they have 5 videos.

I hope you enjoy 🙂


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