After Hours Raided

A big thing was made earlier this year about after hours clubs not being aloud to operate and this has effected clubs like space and DC10 (if it was open).

However it seems that the after hours scene is still alive and partying! a few reports from people who have been to the island have said that now they are banned there is a lot more advertising for them, they are not in the main stream clubs they are still happening in small bars and villas around the island.

However the police are making an attempt to stop them. El Club in Ibiza town has for the last 2 weeks been operating as an after hours venue but this week it was raided at 10am, a few people were arrested and the owner was fined. In another story the La Troya after party was raided by police who brought along a TV crew, however after the police left the party continued further down the road!

So it sounds like the after hours are definitely there if you can get to them!

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