4 thoughts on “Advanced V Tidy Opening poster”

  1. I’m on going to this night, but how come only 2 DJs in the main room? Do they DJs do like 3 hour sets in Ibiza or is it just a very short night?

  2. I had a scout round and it does seem like its just 3 playing the main room, With the resident probably opening for 2 hours it will give Dave Pearce and the tidy boys a 2 hour set each

  3. Thanks for the info. I’m a big Hard House fan but on the same night is Armada at Amnesia (and I’m only there for one week). Does Eden/Tidy/Hard House have a big following in Ibiza and is it likely to be a worthwhile night or do you reckon Amnesia is the better option? One last thing – are there any other hard dance nights your aware of from 30th July – 6th August?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Eden have had a hard house night for a while now but out of all the big clubs this is the only hard house night you will find, I went to Lashed when they were in Ibiza and the club was full for most of the night because its the only opportunity to hear it really.

    I personally would go to Amnesia cause i love AVB and his night is really good, However if you love hard house then i would recommended going to Eden that night cause its what you like and there is nothing better than hearing music you love in the clubs in Ibiza.

    You could always go it Amnesia for cream if you wanted to see a trance night in Amnesia, or if your not to bothered about trance maybe check out cocoon or manumission.

    If you like your music hard then i would also recommend taking a trip to Meganite @ privilege with Mauro Picotto, its not hard house but it will knock your socks off!

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