Welcome to Ibizablog.co.uk. My name is Gary. I have been going to Ibiza since 1999. I have been trawling the internet for news about Ibiza for just as long. I decided to start this website to collate all the useful news information and reviews. I understand there are already websites out there that do this and they are the websites i read myself. Im not trying to be a complete guide to Ibiza, i just want to blog about the things i like. I want to collate the information I read on these sites and present them to you here. If i read a story / review or information and then post about it here i will credit the person who originally wrote it and i will link to the original article / thread / page.

If you want me to feature something on my blog then i will only feature anything related to Ibiza. If you have something relevant then please contact me on the email below.

If you want to get in touch with me then feel free to drop me an email to gary@ibizablog.co.uk