A State of Trance Opening Party @ Privilege Ibiza 2012

Trance isnt as popular as it used to be 10 + years ago, and there is no reason it should be, Music evolves with time and peoples tastes, however, Ive always loved my Trance and the first time i Saw Armin Van Burren in Ibiza was in his ‘new’ Armada night in Amnesia, we got given our tickets for free at his pre party in Coastline, which was stroke of luck, because we were going to this night anyway.

The Main room in Amnesia wasn’t full but there were a good amount of people in there, the special thing about the night, was it was full of Armin Van Burren fans, the name of the night wasn’t the attraction, it was Armin, If you want a taste of Armada that year, Listen to Universal Religion 2004 recorded from Amnesia, its still one of my most treasured CD’s.

Fast forward 8 years and Armin is still an amazing Dj. he has picked up a few more followers along the way and his sound has changed, but you will still hear some quality trance without any gimmicks.

Last Monday, Armin opened his biggest night in Ibiza to date, In privilege, going from giving his tickets away in 2004 (he was still big then) to filling the worlds biggest nightclub shows that 1, Armin is one of the biggest trance Dj’s in the world, and 2, there is still enough trance lovers in Ibiza on a Monday evening to fill privilege. The only other Trance Dj on any sort of level in my opinion, is Ferry Corsten, who is also a complete legend, but i wouldn’t expect to be able to fill privilege.

There is a great little review on Ibiza Spotlight from a non trance lover of the night which everyone should have a little read, there isnt much trance round any more, but its great to see people still appreciate the cream of the crop 🙂

Review: Ibiza Spotlight Review

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