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  • A Small Change To The Site

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    Nov 5

    As you can see i have made a few little changes to my website, As part of these changes i have decided to “Follow” the links in the comments. I have made this desicion to try and encourage more people to post their comments and thoughts on the things i speak about. If you dont know what im talking aboutnever mind it dosent matter, if you do know what im talking about then please come and comment and link to your sites.

    Thats enough of the Geeky stuff, Ibiza only from now on!!

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5 Responses to “A Small Change To The Site”

  1. Yo Gary, good effort.

    I’ll have one of those ta 😉


  2. Hi Kev Welcome!

    Hope everything has settled down for you after the weekend!!

  3. well yea a bit, but its temporary, still thinking there’s one coming.

  4. good stuff Gary, we’ll b doing the same on our site when we relaunch next year (<<shameless plug:-)

    Keep up the good work x

  5. Hi Abi, Nice site you have there 🙂

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